Getting Ready

I've spent a lot of time over the last few weeks prepping.  Not for the end of the world, but for the end of a bit of comfort.  Lent will be here in a few days and I've set myself a few challenges this year. There are the regular things I'll be doing - trying... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Diversity

Sigh, y'all. Just, sigh. Are we still having these debates? Apparently, we are. Apparently, there are still people out there who cannot accept a diverse Body of Christ. This past weekend I spent a day running a booth for Blessed is She at a local Catholic Women's Conference. Though I didn't really get to experience... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read

I have fully embraced books that are not in book form and it's really changing the quantity and type of book I'm reading.  I was a hold out for so, so long, but audiobooks and my Kindle are here to stay.  I love being able to go to the library without going to the library. ... Continue Reading →


On our wipe board calendar, I have written a quote by G.K. Chesterton: "The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul..." While everyone is off choosing saints and words and lists and books (which I will admit I do... Continue Reading →


I've spent a good amount of time on my social media accounts recently whittling away at my friends, followers and followed accounts. There's something wonderful to be said for social media, blogs and the like, but sometimes it's just too much.  I love using it to connect with people with similar interests, personalities and points... Continue Reading →

The Litany of Motherhood

This started as just one snarky Instagram post about my hatred of doing the dishes but became so much more.  So without much further ado, I give you the Litany of Motherhood... For those still look at last night's dishes, hoping they'll wash on their own... we pray. For those of us who LITERALLY JUST... Continue Reading →

Martinmas Knitting 

For the first time in a few years I actual got all my planned knitting dine by Martinmas.  I was able to make my husband and kids each a piece of handmade warmth in honor of St. Martin. My husband received some fingerless gloves.  This pattern is Wizard Warmers, knit in some grey Pattons wool.... Continue Reading →

Advent Prep

The Season is upon us and who here isn't thrilled that Advent doesn't start Thanksgiving Weekend this year!  This girl, I'll tell you who. That being said I have learned that the best way for me to enjoy Advent is to get as much done before that first Sunday.  Advent is meant to be a... Continue Reading →

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