To get you through till tomorrow

It's been a busy weekend, and today the baby wanted nothing more to be "up" all day - he learned to signal up this weekend.  A bigger post tomorrow, but for now - finally a possible tomato on my largest tomato plant!

{Weekend Wonders}

{Weekend Wonders}  – A little something to read while drinking your coffee Saturday morning in the hopes that it will give you something to think about, talk about or the inspiration to do something!  Vintage Travel Poster by Steve Thomas - Click HERE to peruse his collection of LOTR and Star Wars Themed Travel PostersIf you... Continue Reading →

In the Ground

Almost, I almost have everything in the ground.Around 8 p.m. last night I decided that though my garden might be spawning Swamp Thing I was going to go attack the remain footage with the hoe and make it plant-able.  I was successful and even managed to make a couple of hills for jack-0-lantern pumpkins and... Continue Reading →

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