In the Ground

Almost, I almost have everything in the ground.

Around 8 p.m. last night I decided that though my garden might be spawning Swamp Thing I was going to go attack the remain footage with the hoe and make it plant-able.  I was successful and even managed to make a couple of hills for jack-0-lantern pumpkins and replant the carrots.   Hopefully when it dries out just a bit more I can get a couple of rows of sweet corn in and be done with the thing!  It won’t be knee-high by the 4th of July, but it might actually get done!

The garden still looks like this mostly, but that big muddy section is now broken up and turned over.

The container plants are growing well though!

Zucchini and Cucumbers are on their way!

Tomatoes are coming our way!

And it looks like I’ll have plenty of oregano to dry this fall!

p.s. anyone have any tips on Pepper plants?  mine don’t seem to be doing much of anything.

p.p.s anyone have any tips on Strawberries, I have plenty of runners coming out of the potted plants.  Should I leave the alone and see if they’ll dig through the mulch and establish on their own?

p.p.s  It’s not “my” view yet, but goodness one can forget that on the other side is the suburbs.

6 thoughts on “In the Ground

  1. I'm so jealous of your plants/garden! And I hope I haven't commented that 50 times before because I know that I've thought it before. I have never done well with pepper plants, so no advice there. But if you want more strawberry plants, then maybe you could make it easier for the runners by moving some of the mulch aside and replacing it with soil that is easier for their roots to go down into?


  2. Hi Molly. What is particularly wrong with your peppers? Mine always seem to take off slowly and then suddenly have lots of little peppers on them. Of course, last year, my bell peppers had huge lovely plants with only a few peppers. Who knows… The weather has been so odd recently it's hwrd to know what to expect.
    Your container plants look great. I've finally got a few blossoms on my tomatoes but my cucumbers are just beginning to vine.


  3. They're growing, just a lot slower than anything else – no peppers that I can see. I can't remember how long it takes them to fruit, and it's been so wet and cold it might be affecting them. Just wanted to make sure there wasn't something I was missing – never grown peppers before myself. I'll probably put a picture up of them soon.


  4. I definitely want more strawberry plants =D and that's exactly what I was thinking of doing. I just wish it looked like they were going to give more fruit this year, but I've read it takes a year or so to really establish themselves. One great benefit to the living arrangements is that I have all this space that my folks are happy to see be used for something productive (plus ever foot I turn to garden is less to mow) and I wouldn't have this in an apartment or cheap condo. Right now we're talking like we might wait a little longer and buy the place from my folks when they retire, so with that in mind everything I'm doing is an investment in my future home!


  5. Ah, the swampland looks very familiar. 😉 But your plants are light years ahead of mine.

    Yes, get those strawberry runners down to the soil. Bend some paperclips (or something) into u-shapes to hold them down.

    Peppers like warm warm weather. If it's been cool that might be slowing them down.

    Beautiful view!


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