It’s still Tuesday, it’s still good

Today was busy!  Errands run, a car cleaned out (you know the one that needed to be cleaned out before the baby arrived… yeah that car), weeding… lots of weeding, super to make laundry to do… oh the never-ending list, but I love it all so – most days.  It feels good to get things done and be productive after a rather disappointing weekend, but onwards and upwards.

Anyways here’s a garden update.  Other than fighting the white powdery mildew battle with my cucumbers (and finally realizing they needed a trellis to climb) things have been going quite well.

The Ghost of Pesto Yet to Come is calling my name…

Can’t wait for the tomato harvest.

Strawberries!  The runners are taking over, I spent today digging spots out of the mulch for them.

On our way to peppers!

Pumpkin or squash… can’t remember… but as of today it’s  little withered yellowing ball … any suggestions ( should these have vertical supports too?)

Running out of vertical space.

Yesterday’s itty bitty tomato is somewhere in this plant.  This is the tomato plant I didn’t think would make it.  The first picture I have of it is below looking puny and off colored, the stick is still in the pot… somewhere.

P.S.  The strawberry and pepper advice I got a few weeks ago was fantastic!

P.P.S  Any words of wisdom on cucumbers, zucchini and squash?

P.P.P.S Anyone know someone wanting to pass on some canning supplies in the Iowa City area?  I really want to start canning some jams and maybe some apple butter and would love to find someone with some hand-me-downs before I head to the store (the thrift stores have been a bust in the canning department)?

One thought on “It’s still Tuesday, it’s still good

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  1. thanks for the sweet comment you left this morning (last night?).

    your garden looks lovely! we are growing several vine-y plants too, but don't know much about them, other than cucumber beetles and squash bugs are both very, VERY bad. lol. 🙂


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