How does your garden grow?

I have to say, strawberry massacre and powdery mildew aside, I’m quite impressed at how the garden is going this year.  Honestly it’s my first time really trying to grow a large amount of things and I seem to have a good instinct for it all.  That being said I do come from a long line of farmers and my great-grandfather on the non-farmer side was said to be able to grow anything!

Here’s the view –

Tomatoes ripening or just growing, and growing.

Cucumbers on their way.

Zucchini, of course, zucchini.


Radishes popping up.

A carrot forest.

My impromptu squash trellis –  not to bad for five minutes research (i.e. “okay, I’m not crazy for wanting to give them vertical room”) and about 10 minutes search for scraps in the basement and garage.

Last, but not least – the most amazing thing in the world (you know aside from Little Bear and Dr. Pepper) the Bug Bag, particularly the Japanese Beetle Bug Bag.  This thing is amazing and it attract a swarm of beetle within 5 minutes of opening.  I mean it, I had beetles following me as I set it up and it was a quarter full when I came home 8 hours later.

Things are looking good – suggestions on how to keep the powdery mildew from destroying my zucchini and cucumbers welcomed – and I’m planning on putting a few bush beans in around the corn to help with any nitrogen depletion.  Still on the docket – weeding, so much weeding on Tuesday or Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

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  1. That bug bag really is amazing! I love old-fashioned ways, but sometimes modern technology is definitely the way to go!

    Your garden looks wonderful. Unlike you, I don't seem to have the knack for growing things–I love the idea of gardening, but every year my garden is a failure in most respects. I guess I could say I'm still learning!

    You asked about the Canadian postal strike. Yes, it has been over since the end of June–thank goodness!


  2. The bug bag is great, and such a better option that spraying the plants with more chemicals!

    Thank you, I'd say the garden “is nothing”, but I'm out there for about an hour every day working on it, and it's always a battle.

    I'm glad to hear about the strike being over, hopefully a little normalcy will come back your home. Nothing like things out of your control to affect your life!


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