The Haul 2

I plan on giving a regular tally of what the garden produces this year, I’d like to see (approximately) the amount, in dollars, the garden has saved us.

So far the crop is small.

3 Strawberries

2 yellow peppers

3/4 lb of zucchini

1 1/2 lbs of cucumbers

1/2 of small red and orange tomatoes


1 bunch of radishes

Basil – amount to be determined

Oregano – TBD

Cilantro – TBD




We just got back from our first road trip with Little Bear to visit so relatives, we’re beat and while I was gone all the pumpkin plants decided that they wanted to take over the garden.  Lots of work to bed done – probably will need to get up early tomorrow to beat the heat.

I’m loosing hope in my cucumber and zucchini plants, I think the powdery mildew is winning on the cucumber and we’re not getting a lot of pollination on the zucchini.  I’ve come to realize I’m not too upset about the later as I’m not much of a zucchini eater, in fact I might just skip it all together next year along with making sure I buy PM-resistant cucumbers.

I did plant a few string bean plants in the garden last week for a late harvest/nitrogen refueling attempt and I’m just hoping I can keep the pumpkins from sprawling across the white onions and carrots long enough to get a harvest.  And if I had been here this weekend I could have gotten a few more strawberries of the vine before heat and birds did them in; oh well, the runners are still going strong so I’m hoping for lots of strawberries next year!

In a few weeks we’ll be in tomato and pepper overload.

Over all, with all the successes and failures so far, not too bad for my first real attempt at a garden!

3 thoughts on “The Haul 2

  1. Ummm … when I was stringing up the rope fencing, I helped myself to some of the strawberries! Can't wait to get home and try to radishes!


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