The Good Mother

The house is small.                Dirt is creeping in.                               Dust is piling up.         Dishes are stacking.                     Laundry is climbing.Tempers and Tears.Eyes that are heavy and dark.Not mine.Not me.I leave.I come back.I play.I escape.I succeed.                                                                     I fail. Today I am Good.Not the Best or the Worst.I gave all that that I had                                  that could be... Continue Reading →

Reads and Seeds

The warm weather this week finally got under my skin and I've been out collecting like crazy. A selection of this years seeds - 3 types of tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, basil, sweet corn, kaleidoscope carrots, green onions, "fairytale" pumpkins (not shown are the radishes, lettuce, beans and a few others from Seed Savers Exchange that I... Continue Reading →

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