Dun.... Dun... Dun...Dun-NA...  buhm-buhm, buhm-buhm, buhm-buhm....So happy that it's done.  Of course it stills need to be washed and blocked and eventually frame for the holidays, but for now it's complete!  I hate doing the backstitch detail on these and I'm rather proud that I pushed myself to get it done quickly instead of letting it sit almost... Continue Reading →

The Home Front

{Hardening off tomatoes, lettuces and few other things}{Radishes, Carrots and Green Onions}{Potatoes Popping Out}{Future Pears}{First of the Seasons Strawberries}{Onions and Spinach}*Rather proud of the straw.  My mother trimmed away last years decorative tall grass from a plot in her yard and I realized it was perfect for free straw, so far so good.*and last, but... Continue Reading →

The Magic Door

There's a large tree in our back yard.  It twists and turns in fantastic ways.  As much as I want more sunlight for veggies in the yard, this tree has me captivated.  I look at it quite a lot from my kitchen and just yesterday I looked out at it and I swear there is... Continue Reading →

The Mother and Alleluia

I have always considered myself a Christian, but I have to admit I've always had a rough time with feeling and experience the life of Christ the way others seem to.  I've never been moved to tears of joy or sorrow contemplating His life though I've been moved by His teachings.  It's just not how... Continue Reading →

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