The Home Front

{Hardening off tomatoes, lettuces and few other things}

{Radishes, Carrots and Green Onions}

{Potatoes Popping Out}

{Future Pears}

{First of the Seasons Strawberries}

{Onions and Spinach}
*Rather proud of the straw.  My mother trimmed away last years decorative tall grass from a plot in her yard and I realized it was perfect for free straw, so far so good.*
and last, but not least a new use for a chest freezer.

I opened my “air tight” yarn box a few days ago to find a few alive wool moths, so everything is going in the deep freeze for a few days to hopefully kill anything leftover.  Luckily (I guess) a lot of my yarn right now isn’t 100% natural fibers (I prefer to give baby knitting that is easily washed and cared for) so I didn’t find too much damage.

6 thoughts on “The Home Front

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  1. You should be – you're in an earlier frost zone than me (I think?)nows the time! =D P.S. there's a package heading your way (finally, it took me a while to remember where I put one of the books… I blame it on the moving)


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