buhm-buhm, buhm-buhm, buhm-buhm….

So happy that it’s done.  Of course it stills need to be washed and blocked and eventually frame for the holidays, but for now it’s complete!  I hate doing the backstitch detail on these and I’m rather proud that I pushed myself to get it done quickly instead of letting it sit almost completed for months.
The little devil on my shoulder wants to take it to work to show my co-worker who claims there’s no way you can craft with small children around (hence the x-stitch that’s been in her closet for 17 years) and say something akin to
Of course it’s on the next thing on the list – I’m about half done with my 2nd Hermione sock and plotting my next crafting spree.  Along with holiday knitting plans (it’s never too early right?) I’ve got another x-stitch for my parents 30th wedding anniversary to order and start, a pile of fabric that needs to become a quilt and a freezer of yarn that I really should do something about.

5 thoughts on “Complete

  1. That is beautiful! We were just reminiscing about how my daughter used to sit on my lap when I would sew. The best was when my middle child would have been about 8 months and she was about three and a half. I was working on a bunch of blue wool cavalry shirts that I had subcontracted to make for a movie. She would sit on my lap and chant “Stitch Mommy, Stitch!” getting ever more insistent if I stopped to do some non-stitching part of assembly. And she still loves my sewing machine! Now she uses it herself and doesn't try to sit on my lap. Thank Goodness!


  2. Thanks! Finishing projects – like the stitching on this or the loose ends in knitting are usually my biggest hurdle.. in fact I've been known to wear my knitted hats with the ends tucked under neath because I just get lazy about it!


  3. 1) subcontracting = awesome I wish had had those kind of contacts when I left theatre, I might have been able to stay home!

    It's so true that you make time for what's important, but it's definitely not a “definite” kind of thing that just because someone can't that no one can (though this coworker has that mentality about a lot of parenting things)


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