Four Married Lessons

Today we've been married for four years, we been a couple for six and known each other for eight.  I'm definitely not the girl who was so scared on her wedding day - I've made some mistakes and done a lot of growing up and I still have a long way to go.  There are... Continue Reading →

You are a Good Mother

Please make a check next to every item one this list that pertains to you.  At the end of the test we'll tally the results and give you a definitive answer of what kind of mother you are.I am pregnant.I've miscarried.My children are fostered.My children are adopted.I want to be a mother.I help with another... Continue Reading →

The Kitchen Basket

Oh the joy of things of your own.  Namely things that the big people use that are just for you. If you haven't noticed we're rather big fans of the Montessori ideas of childhood education around here - while I'm no expert and it's not an all encompassing part of our lives I do enjoy taking... Continue Reading →

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