Hermione’s Summer Reading List

I love these socks.  A lot.  So much that I went outside in 93 degree weather (did I mention it was 8:30 at night) to take these pictures.  I even put them on.They are absolutely delicious and it breaks my heart that they'll sit unused until September at the earliest, but I have a feeling they'll... Continue Reading →

Anything Goes {Pizza}

In my {slowly} expanding repertoire of family meals are a number of basics that I can put just about anything into and still have it turn out great.One of these is my "Anything Goes" Pizza.  There's really not much to it and I cheat a little - the crust is store bought, pre-made and so... Continue Reading →

Paulie and Hermione

I often wonder what "normal" folk do during their summers and hope that I'm not terribly odd for my penchant of knitting things like wool sweaters and knit socks during a drought (or near drought, please start praying for rain if you get a chance).{Paulie Sweater} and {Hermione Socks}I've found that sock knitting is just... Continue Reading →

The Summer Bucket List

Oh summer!  I haven't missed you for years, seeing as I'm a fall/winter homebody.  However, this year, with a toddling little boy who's really starting to discover the world around him the summer is glorious once again and I can't wait to take advantage of all it has to offer. Here's a sampling of our family... Continue Reading →

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