Anything Goes {Pizza}

In my {slowly} expanding repertoire of family meals are a number of basics that I can put just about anything into and still have it turn out great.

One of these is my “Anything Goes” Pizza.  There’s really not much to it and I cheat a little – the crust is store bought, pre-made and so is the sauce just because I haven’t found the perfect recipes for these yet, but it’s whats on top that counts and that’s where the “anything” part comes in – it really is just what ever is pizza worthy in the fridge.  A few weeks ago AG  Pizza included bacon, green onion, garlic scapes and a liberal helping of Colby jack cheese and a regular favorite is “Pepperonioni” Pizza – onions, peppers and pepperoni.

Crust, Olive Oil, Tomato/Pizza Sauce, Veggies, Cheese, Pepperoni/Meat, a Little More Cheese.

I’ve found that this is the order it has to be in for me.  As a holdover from my extremely picky eating youth sometimes too many visible veggies can make me regress in my ways (please roll your eyes now, it’s entirely appropriate) so I use the greatest mommy trick ever -Smaller pieces, sauteed soft and hidden to insure that I am always ready to chow down.

I was the kid who firmly believed that pizza and veggies did not mix; in fact I was leery of anything other than pepperoni and cheese for years, but now I find myself devouring pizza topped with onions, peppers, and even tonight’s CSA addition – Bok Choy!  It seems silly for someone edging closer to 30, but for me it’s such an accomplishment.

If you ever stop by the house and need a bite to eat, I highly recommend the “Anything Goes” Pizza.

{please be warned that for the next few weeks all AGPizza will include liberal amounts of bok choy and the proprietors take no responsibility for the bok choy that finds it way into your purse or carry-on}

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5 thoughts on “Anything Goes {Pizza}

  1. I have to fess up that I had to move the pizza on top the high chair next to the sliding glass doors in order to get a decent shot (that wasn't orange!). It was really just luck (and the fact that I was taking blog picture before the sun went down, which is rare right now)! You're welcome over for AGP next time you're in the midwest katie!


  2. Looks very yummy! I'm not a fan of the frozen pizza over here, so I might have to start making my own. Have you ever tried the America's Test Kitchen recipe for dough/sauce? I found a copy of it here: (I don't have a food processor here, so I haven't tried it yet … but I'm curious!) I'll also ask Sean–he makes pizza a LOT these days, so he might have some nice recipes to share.


  3. Molly,

    That looks great! I love that you use whatever you have; waste not, want not. I have a wonderful sauce recipe that is wonderful not only because it tastes good, but it is quick, easy and and cheap to make. You probably have most everything in your cupboard already; all you will need to buy is a #10 can of tomato sauce. You will find the All-Around Excellent Herb Tomato Sauce recipe at:

    The recipe in the article is for half the can (silly me). Just double the recipe, whip it up, use what you want and freeze the rest in about 2 cup amounts (that is generally how much I need for all of my recipes). One tip: only pour out half of the can of sauce to mix in the herbs and oil and then after everything is thouroughly mixed, add in the rest of the tomato sauce. It just makes it easier to bring together. After you try it you can adjust the herbs to your liking. I like it just as it is, but my husband prefers less Rosemary.

    Another reason I like this recipe is because it doesn't have all of the sugar fillers (usually second on the ingredient list of most commercial products.) If you want to cut some of the acid in the the tomato sauce just add a pinch to a 1/4 teaspoon of sugar. I don't bother.


  4. Ooh thanks Dawn! I'll have to check it out next time AGP comes on the menu! If we can just get a little rain we should have a nice crop of tomatoes ready to be turned into something yummy and canned for the winter!


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