Hermione’s Summer Reading List

I love these socks.  A lot.  So much that I went outside in 93 degree weather (did I mention it was 8:30 at night) to take these pictures.



I even put them on.

They are absolutely delicious and it breaks my heart that they’ll sit unused until September at the earliest, but I have a feeling they’ll be used enough to make up for the missed time.

 The pattern is the Hermione’s Everyday Socks pattern from the lovely Dreams in Fiber.  I apologize for the wonky color, I couldn’t adjust the pictures to get the true hue without distorting the rest of the picture.  I used Cascade Heritage Paints number 9770 and even the website doesn’t show how dark and lovely it is properly.

Like Hermione I’ve got a big summer reading list planned.  I just cracked open Coop and am hoping to get my hands on Barnheart and Radical Homemaking sometime soon.  I’m finishing up Unconditional Parenting, but to be honest I can take it or leave it – there are somethings she brings up that I don’t agree with 100% and most of her “unconditional parenting” approaches seem to be a rehash of most attachment parenting techniques, just applied to old kids so it’s nothing too new.  Win some, lose some.

I also have my next big craft project started, which came in the mail the day after I finished Hermione

 (managed to score a larger needlework frame at the consignment shop today, so bye-bye embroidery hoop!)

I’ve got a long ways to go and have a September deadline for this one!

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9 thoughts on “Hermione’s Summer Reading List

  1. I love love love the socks!

    I just started reading Bringing Up Bebe. I caught part of an interview on NPR with the book's author. She is an American woman living and raising her family in France. She noticed that American children and French children we very different in their habits and behaviors. So far (maybe 5 chapters in) it is interesting.


  2. I sometimes wear my woolen socks in the summer. My boys play ice hockey, so I'll wear them to the rink. Of course, living in Phoenix, this means dressing for the 50F rink when it's 115F outside.
    I made a pair of the Hermione socks, too, but they were too big for my feet (let's not talk about my lack of swatch…). However, they fit my MIL perfectly, so she took them home with her. I enjoyed knitting them and she'll enjoy wearing them!


  3. Yep, it's the joy of living in a place with no mountainous ranges – you can see 10-15 miles in any directions and the sun stays out for ever! Barnheart has been a pretty good, quick read and Coop is taking it's time it's more memoir than “my life on the farm” kind of book.


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