Inspired Additions: Simple Living Books for Kids

I think our local librarians hide when they see us coming on our regular trip to the library.  If I don’t leave with enough books to cover 75% of my torso somethings usually wrong.  I’ve had the great fortune of finding some new gems to add to my “Simple Living Books for Kids” Series.

At the recommendation of an amazing amount of people I finally got my hands on a copy of

Little Britches” by Ralph Moody.  The first of a series in which Mr. Moody recounts his days homesteading with his family at the turn of the century.  Kind of like the beloved “Little House” series, but a little bit more honest and raw.  The Moody family definitely goes thru their share of hardships.  Recommended for a slightly more mature audience.  I’d say age 10+ with parental guidance to discuss mature themes like poverty, greed and death.
On the lighter side of things we’ve also been enjoying:
“Clancy & Millie and the Very Fine House” by Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood.  About a little boy and his new neighbor and the world the create out of the discarded cardboard boxes in his backyard after moving to his new house.
Passing the Music Down” by Sarah Sullivan.  About sharing the love of music through the generations, based on a true friendship between to musicians.
And just for fun
When Dinosaurs Came With Everything” by Elise Broach and Illustrated by (my favorite children’s illustrator) David Small.  Just too much fun, this one might just make it’s way into the permanent collection one day.
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8 thoughts on “Inspired Additions: Simple Living Books for Kids

  1. Thanks for the great additions! Keep them coming…it's a great idea for a blog series. I am looking forward to when my kids are old enough to read mature themes, but the light ones are fun too.


  2. I am thoroughly enjoying “Little Britches” as an adult reader, it definitely would have peaked my interested in late elementary years too. But it's just a little more mature than Little House (which was my first big chapter book in the the first grade).


  3. Love this list of books!
    I've not read a single one. I just read the Little House books through last summer as and ADULT! and loved them.
    Now, I'm very interested in the Little Britches series…I must check these out.

    thanks a bunch and have fun reading, Pat


  4. Hello Molly,
    Came to visit you on your mother's suggestion, and loved your blog very much! particularly your suggestions of books such as these are very helpful because much of my work is with small kids.
    Your library of books for cooking, sewing, and parenting was also very useful to me. Thank you! Following you now!
    Please do visit me at my blog about health, food, lifestyle, and parenting, and if you like it, please do follow!
    Thank you!


  5. They seem popular – I'll be trying to do book updates to this list about once a month, and have plans for a few winter/holiday lists in a few months!


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