Just Around The Corner

It’s almost here, I can feel it:  Fall, my favorite time of year.  I live for cool temperature that call out for you to bundle up at home with a little Prairie Home Companion, hand knit socks and something warm to drink.  The introvert in me loves the days when no one blames you for staying home curled up under a blanket because everyone else is doing the exact same thing.  I’ve been burning through books recently (anyone who tells you that you can’t have kid, do crafts, cook and read books point them my way).  Radical Homemakers, Little Britches and The Art of the Commonplace were all amazing reads and I highly recommend each one.  We’ve been listening to book Three and Four of the Dresden files at night while the hubs and I play cards (it’s our version of date night)

 {I think this “tea mix” in a cup of green tea with milk is going to be my go-to drink of the season}

Of course in all reality Iowa could still give us a month and a half of 90 and 100 degree weather, it’s fickle like that, but I’m putting my faith in the Farmer’s Almanac this year and believing in cool temperatures and an early winter (no one wants an early, long winter here except that desperately need the moisture in our fields).

My husband now believes I have special powers to call the rain seeing as we’ve had much need rain every weekend since I completed a novena for rain on the 28th of July.  I just smile and am enjoying the reminder of my beloved Oregon weather, oh how I was made for those cool, dreary days.

Of course it’s that time of year to start planning the handmades – this years recipients will be the hubs, the kiddo and two of the kiddo’s cousins (one of whom is my adorable Godson).  Ben needs a new pair of THESE (the ones I made in 2009 have been so loved that edges around the worn out holes are felted), Henry will be getting a new SWEATER (if I can size it up) or maybe THIS and the three boys (all born almost exactly three years apart!) will be getting some fun winter hats, probably a version of THESE.

Of course work goes on.  I’m nearing completion of the most complex part of the pattern – the rocks behind the chairs are made up of short bursts of multiple colors so it’s slow going.

(p.s. I’m testing out Amazon Affiliate Links on this post – which means I might make a few cents if you click on the links and purchase an item, no more no less).

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  1. I love that you feel the same! Summer is wonderful for the light and ability to be outdoors, but for me the heat and insect bites etc outweigh that! I love autumn and winter, and can't wait for them to start!


  2. Dying for Fall to arrive! I love Prairie Home Companion. And I'm so glad you liked Radical Homemakers and Art of the Commonplace (wow, amirite!?). What's Little Britches about?


  3. Thanks for the heads up! I think I've got the button working again! I'm all for the green right now, but that's just because the drought killed off everything that wasn't a weed for miles and I am kind of glad to see it back, but I'm over the hot weather. 😉


  4. They had their version of “Casey at Bat” on this weekend, one of my favorites! I want to hand out copies of “The Body & The Earth” essay to everyone I know! Little Britches, and following books, are the autobiography of a many who lived the homesteading life from 1900's thru 1930's, LB chronicles his families first two years as ranchers in Colorado – it's well worth the read and it's often called Little House on the Prairie for Boys!


  5. Fall is my favorite season too – though it looks like hear in Western PA we'll still have another month of hot, humid weather before fall arrives. i'm very impressed that you're able to cook, do crafts, and read all while having a kid! i'm still trying to figure that one out – any tips for how to juggle them all?


  6. I'm definitely not Wonder Woman, let me clear that up. I've got a handful of half way done projects, a stack of books i've been trying to get to for months and I really couldn't tell you the last time I vacuumed the carpet. I also can only speak from my own experience because I've had a pretty chill first baby and I've got a great network of family support. If I didn't have one or both of these things I'd probably be walking around in a daze. I also don't get long spurts of time to do any of that. I send the hubs and kid downstairs to play whenever I want to accomplish anything in the kitchen and I read mainly on my bus ride to work and do most of my crafts during nap time. Whatever is important, you find a way to work it in.

    Love that you're in PA, that's where my mother's family is from!


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