The Hallow Times

Hallow:  To make or consider holy or sacredThe Hallowtide Days are coming.  For those unfamiliar with this term it is simply what we call Halloween (or All Hallows), All Saints Day and All Souls Day; a three day period of sacred days that call us to reflection life and death.Celebrating holidays other than Halloween is... Continue Reading →

Our Useless Degrees…

My husband and I have what is commonly referred to as a "Useless Degree".  Tonight our useless degrees, when used in tandem, located a repair a melted wire that had disabled our dishwasher.  I was in charge of the lightening fast online research and my husband was in charge of tearing apart said machine and... Continue Reading →

Black and White

Black and White.Triggers for Him and a Meret for me.  With the kiddos head-wear taken care of I can move to the next projects.Please rest assured that in the midst of all of the pretty fall pictures and knitting projects there is a lot of real life going on behind the scenes.  Two weekends away... Continue Reading →

Quiet in the Early Morning

It's really all, but quiet around here.  We've already been up for a while and had breakfast and are now alternating between playing with trains, cat toys and making shadows  puppets on the walls.  Henry's also brought me another Dr. Pepper from the box on the floor... make that three.We're in the middle of a... Continue Reading →

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