Quiet in the Early Morning

It’s really all, but quiet around here.  We’ve already been up for a while and had breakfast and are now alternating between playing with trains, cat toys and making shadows  puppets on the walls.  Henry’s also brought me another Dr. Pepper from the box on the floor… make that three.

We’re in the middle of a stretch of wedding weekend – one down, one to go – and gearing up for something that will take a good portion of our time for about 6 months.  I’ll be  participating in our churches RCIA process this year (that’s the schedule in the picture) and my husband will be my sponsor, so we have about a class a week from the end of October until after Easter to attend.  While I appreciate the depth of the program the time frame is a little daunting and we all know how good I am with hurry up and wait situations.

I plan on a writing a little more of my thoughts on the process as it get started, and sadly I have a feeling I’ll probably loose a few followers along the way – I lost three just by writing about Michaelmas and the Feast of St. Francis, but I’ll just assume it was not personal for now.  Please know that while I share about my religious thoughts or our family traditions here, I aim to make this a welcoming space for all – no matter our theological differences.

But, back to the knitting – the striped hat is almost complete, and so is Henry’s scarf for his Halloween costume, which means I’ll be starting on Ben’s Christmas Knit any day now.  Not too bad for the beginning of October!

Can’t wait to be back in a few days to share our St. Francis Day with you!

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Edit:  Thank you for your lovely comments!  I’m pleased to announced that since posting this I’ve gained 3 new readers.  Welcome!

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  1. OK, what? You lost followers for talking about Catholic holidays?! I don't get it. I have learned SO MUCH from the Catholic blogging community, even though I'm not close to being a Catholic myself. I think we have so much to learn from one another, it would be a shame to quite following someone just because they don't have every belief in common.

    I, for one, look forward to hearing more! Just tell me: what does RCIA stand for 🙂


  2. Yeah, I'm hoping it was more of a “I just don't like this blog anymore” than “run away she's a catholic” kind of thing. Personally I just love being around people with strong spiritual callings and faith, whatever it looks like!

    RCIA is the “Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults” it's basically like Catholic cram school with the idea that they really want to give you the opportunity to know all the basic of the religion before you officially join up. Because things like Baptism, the Eucharist, Marriage, etc. are all considered sacraments and not just in a “symbolic” way it's encouraged as a way make sure folks are “joining up” with the right frame of minds – most of my Catholic contacts (friends and family) are thrilled to hear someone wants to become Catholic, but they are always insistent that a person does so because they truly feel called to do so. It's actually even encouraged for people who just want to learn more (but don't really have the intention on officially becoming Catholic) and cradle Catholics who want to learn more about their childhood faith.

    If we were in the same town, Kathleen, I'd totally bring you along I think we'd have some amazing conversations!


  3. yup, my only issue with you being Catholic is when you use Catholic acronyms – please explain them! I, for one, read a lot of Mormon blogs (why are Mormon bloggers so prolific? Why?), and blogs of other people of other faiths, and I am firmly agnostic, if not atheist. I still enjoy reading about other people's lives and the role that faith has in them; I can disagree with people while still learning something. And, I always have the power of scrolling:-B


  4. I'll try to do better with my acronym defining 😉 I'll try to keep it to a minimum amount of necessary “Crazy Religion Lady Babbling” scrolling. I'm definitely thinking more along the lines of “hey look at this particular set of moral theology I just learned about that I can relate and practice in my own life for the good of my family and community and now for some knitting!”


  5. That is one beautiful knit! I try to not stress over the followers. I put it lower on the blog so I don't notice it as much. And I always tell myself that sometimes people get busy and don't follow, or they follow in a reader. =) WELCOME to the Catholic church! I LOVE it. Convert going on…11 years.


  6. I love that yarn you are using but more importantly – I am in my (Catholic) church's RCIA classes right now with the hope to be Baptised this Easter, too. I am happy to see we are on the same journey!

    And I know what you mean about religion and followers. The saem thing happened to me when I started posting about religion here and there. But don't let it get you down!!! It used to bother me, too. I am officially following you ❤ ❤


  7. What a happy coincidence – my husband is going through RCIA as well! I hadn't realized you weren't Catholic (my husband was raised Lutheran). I'll be attending the weekly meetings with him, but we were told he'd be matched with another young father in our church. Last night was our 4th class, and I'm actually enjoying it myself 🙂 I'm so excited to hear your thoughts on the program!!



  8. I think it's a little strange our group is starting so late – we have a month of classes to go to after Easter! It's so great to find more folks going thru RCIA at the same time!


  9. I came over from LHITS Linky and got to reading your blog and I love it. Welcome to the Church! I am a convert going on 7 years this coming Easter. I am also a quilter so I especially appreciated the quilt analogy in your information pages. Looking forward to learning more about how you work in the simple things!


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