Our Useless Degrees…

My husband and I have what is commonly referred to as a “Useless Degree”.  Tonight our useless degrees, when used in tandem, located a repair a melted wire that had disabled our dishwasher.  I was in charge of the lightening fast online research and my husband was in charge of tearing apart said machine and eventually doing the basic electric work that saved us the $100 (minimum) it would have cost to get a repair man in… next Wednesday all using abilities learned while acquiring said “Useless Degrees”.

If we ever become pro-Wrestlers we’ll be called “The Muscle and the Librarian” –  
Tremble before our applicable life skills! 

8 thoughts on “Our Useless Degrees…

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  1. I love this. My husband and I too have useless degrees, and to make it worse we got them in the same discipline. However, I regularly think “Wow, I learned how to do this in such and such class.” It's amazing what kinds of random things have practical applications.


  2. In case of apocalypse proceed to your nearest Theatre Major (our useless degrees). =D Seriously, we have the basic knowledge in so many things that would set us up for the end of the world.


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