Martinmas Hide and Seek

 St. Martin and the Goose (photo borrowed from here)

While thinking of Martinmas and activities to do as my children get older I couldn’t help but think of the game of hide and seek.  You see according to legend St. Martin had a tendency of hiding from people because he reluctant to take any higher office in the church, which others actively wanted him to take.  Legend also states that on one occasion he hid in a barn and was given away by the squawking of a goose (which is why it’s tradition to eat goose on Martinmas!)

Now, my son is a little too young to do either of these ideas, but I thought that someone out there might want to test out my games!

Hot and Cold St. Martin – (2 people or more)

  • Find a small statue or figure that either is of St. Martin or can stand in for St. Martin (throw a scrap of cloth over a GI Joe and make him Martin the Roman Soldier!) and take turns hiding the figure throughout the house.  Whoever hides St. Martin get to squawk like a goose as the seekers get “hotter” (near to the figure).  Start out squawking quietly and get louder as they get closer!

Martinmas Hide and Seek – (3 people or more)

  • One person gets to be St. Martin (who hides), one person gets to be the Goose and the rest are the townspeople trying to find him.  Start by having the townspeople and the goose close their eyes while St. Martin hides.  When eyes are opened everyone starts looking for him.  If a towns-person finds him first the round is over and you choose a new goose and St. Martin.  If the Goose finds him first the goose will squawk and everyone must close their eyes while St. Martin “runs away” and gets to hide again.  The round ends when he is found by a towns-person first.

There you go – two fun ways to add a little more fun into your Little Holiday celebrations!  I’d love to hear back from anyone who plays either of these!

Also you might want to check out my Lanterns for Martinmas Pinboard for lantern inspiration!

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