Up and Coming {Little HolyDays}

I hope you enjoyed Haley’s guest-post a few days ago.  We’ve all been eagerly awaiting the chance to announce our project to the blogging world.  To start spreading the world we thought we’d give you a little more info about the whole grand affair.

Haley of Carrots for Michaelmas, Hannah and Tammy of Dualing Moms, and Molly of Molly Makes Do are joining forces to host a new linkup: Little HolyDays: Redeeming Time with Feasts, Fasts, Holidays, and Everyday. We want to encourage and inspire each other to observe the liturgical year to deepen our families’ faith and build up the domestic church (especially during this Year of Faith!) by sharing posts about observing feast days, liturgical seasons, etc. in the Christian Year.
We hope you will participate by linking up with your posts (old or new) that have to do with the season of Advent including (but not limited to): simple holiday traditions, music, crafts and activities, reflections and essays on the seasons, food and recipes, sustainability and responsible gift giving/food, charity, and teaching and learning about the Christian Year with children.
Our first linkup will open December 3rd and might include posts on topics such as: the season of Advent, the First and Second Sundays of Advent, Feast of St. Nicholas and the Solemnity.  We hope to share seasonal reflections, ideas for family togetherness, crafts, recipes and anything else that might come to mind.
There will be a new linkup open the following week and we will highlight some of our favorite links from the previous week in the new post and on a Little HolyDays pinterest board.
While the three of us will be focusing on topics that will help us expand our HolyDay season from a Catholic point of view we welcome and hope you will share your ideas and traditions no matter your denomination or practice.  We welcome you to share about your feasts and festivals that fall within each week of December to grow and strengthen our real and virtual communities. {as moderators of this link up we will reserve the right to remove any offensive or off-topic posts as we see fit in order to maintain a positive and understanding atmosphere}
We would love to have you join in with your posts and would be eternally grateful if you would tell your readers about this new linkup which will be accessibly for each of our blogs on Dec. 3rd.
Looking forward to encouraging and inspiring each other!
Haley, Hannah, Molly, and Tammy

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