Focus 2013: The Year of ….

Last year I wrote a post about using Focus and Priorities to establish a new version of New Year's Resolutions.For 2012 I chose to Focus on five areas of my life; my priorities for the year:1. Husband2. Son3. Home4. Spirit5. Communitywith a generally challenge to focus more on "Family" and less on me.I'm surprised that... Continue Reading →

Advent and Christmas Recap

Our Advent season is over and our Christmas season will soon be winding down as well.  I plan on keeping decorations and lights up until Twelfth Night if I can, but haven't really planned too much else - if there's one thing I'm learning about living out a more traditional liturgical year is that it's... Continue Reading →

The Stockpile

My first year living in Oregon, in 2009 I was doing my weekly visit to the laundromat when I happened to start overhearing the conversation of two older ladies next to me.  It was a normal conversation for the most part - they were catching up and and in true Ashland-Hippie Style talking about all their latest... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Holiday!

 *Another repost from last year - one of my favorites - with some new additions*Trying to figure out those last few gifts, but out of ideas, time or money?  Here's a few ideas that many of us could put together from odds and ends in the house -For a  few links and Pins of these... Continue Reading →

The Reason for our HolyDays

On Friday, my husband, son and  I were attend the funeral of my husband's great uncle.  We walked together through the graveyard and visited the grave of my husbands Grandfather, two of my husbands Uncles and a baby Aunt who only lived in this world for a month.  Theresa, the little baby, was buried in... Continue Reading →

Meaningful and Memorable

 *This is an new version of a similar post from last year.  I felt the message still rang true*Stuff.I don't know about you, but I know very few parents who really like extra stuff.  Figuring out how to celebrate the holidays and birthdays were on the top of my list when I found out I... Continue Reading →

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