Little HolyDays: Stir-up and Slow Down

Perhaps it’s just the circles I’m running in these days, mainly the blogging circles – you all should know by now that I  don’t get out much, but there seems to be an true desire for Advent emerging.  Folk are investigating old traditions and forging ahead with new ones.  They’re taking a stand against the holiday creep, asking grandma for old recipes and taking a good, long looking at just what they’re celebrating.  It’s not just Christians too, anyone celebrating a winter holiday from Kwanzaa to Solstice and everything in between seems to be desiring their own Advent – a slow season of peace, patience and meaning.

When I was teenager I often wondered if I’d living to see the day when our ever-expanding world would start to shrink back.  I wondered when folks would get tired of always reaching for more and realize that they were ignore what was right in front of them.  As you can imagine my fellow sixteen year-olds thought I was quite strange, but I’m glad that it was not long after I started college that world threw it’s collective hands in the air and began to say “I’ve had enough.”  It started with the hand-made revolution and didn’t let up steam as it collected more adherents who added value back to old ideas of domesticity and community.  Of course, for a while it was a fringe movement, but now thanks to the advent (no pun intended) of large blogging communities and the ever vigilant Pinterest it is easy to these mentality start to sneak in the backdoor of a more mainstream society.  The sixteen year old in me is quite proud of herself.

Our world flies at a mile a minute and we’re starting to get motion sickness.  It is not so much a desire to hang on to the days of yore – very few of us want to vacuum around the flocked Christmas tree in heels and pearls and fewer still truly want to revert to Dickensian Christmas (unless all the poor orphans are cute and sing and dance in unison).  We don’t want the big photo-shopped picture, but we do want the feeling.  We want to savor the tastes and smells of the season without such things being bland or tainted with the smell of gasoline.  We want to truly put our feet up and bask in the lights of our trees without knowing that we need to be everywhere in about two minutes.  We want to get to Christmas and actually be excited that it is Christmas, and not relieved that the whole ordeal is almost over.

We want “Joy to the World” to be joyous.

The first Sunday in Advent is traditionally known as “Stir up Sunday”.  This is because the first words of the collect for the day are

Stir up Thy might, we beg thee, and come…”

This year, instead of or perhaps along with your traditional plum pudding (Mr. Dickens’ would be proud) I encourage you to “stir up” your Christmas season.  Pull on your big girl shoes and take a stand.  Take a good look at your traditions, see where they are rooted and if they truly line up with your hopes and ideals.  Take a stand against the pressures of a consuming society – consume less or at least consume differently.  Practice patience and savor the little moments of the days.  Decorate slowly and say no to the things and activities that don’t bring you closer to reason for your holiday season.  Do more for others.  
This is my invitation to you, my dear friends to stir things up, go against the grain, slow down and settle in for many peaceful and long winter nights.

We are three Catholic bloggers who love to observe the liturgical year to deepen our families’ faith and build up the domestic church. We would love to hear about your family’s celebrations and traditions! Please join us in “redeeming the time” in this Year of Faith by sharing your posts about feast days, liturgical seasons, etc. in this new linkup. We are starting at the beginning of the Liturgical Year: The Season of Advent!

Some topics we would be excited to read about during the Advent and Christmas seasons are (but not limited to!):

Sustainability and Responsible Gift Giving/Food
Food & Recipes
Simple Holiday traditions, crafts and activities
Reflections on the seasons
Teaching and Learning  about the Christian Year with Children

Today’s Link-up is being hosted by the wonderful Haley @ Carrots For Michaelmas.  Please be sure to visit Haley and the amazing mother/daughter duo Dualing Moms to see what they have to say about the beginning of their holiday season!

This link up will be up until midnight on December 6th.

There will be a new link up open the following Monday, December 10th, and we will highlight some of our favorite links from the previous week in the new post, and on a Little HolyDays Pinterestboard.

For the three of us, this link up is a way in which we plan on exploring and deepening our Catholic faith, but we would really love to hear from bloggers of all denominations and practices.

We welcome you to share your own feasts, festivals, and celebrations that fall within each week of December.

As moderators of this link up, we will reserve the right to remove any offensive or off-topic posts as we see fit, in order to maintain a positive and understanding atmosphere.

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  1. Molly- this is a great challenge…it feels like a call to arms, and I intend to take your words to heart. Thanks for your part in hosting this linkup- what a great forum for sharing ideas and traditions.


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