The Reason for our HolyDays

On Friday, my husband, son and  I were attend the funeral of my husband’s great uncle.  We walked together through the graveyard and visited the grave of my husbands Grandfather, two of my husbands Uncles and a baby Aunt who only lived in this world for a month.  Theresa, the little baby, was buried in a long line of children during a time when it was all too common for a family to know the loss of a darling little one.  Most of the stones only had one date to record.

We held the hand of our little boy tightly as we walked back to the car discussing our thankfulness for the times we live in and grief we have yet been spared.

We did not know, at that time, what had happened in Connecticut.


Oh my friends I wish had words of wisdom to impart even days after this tragedy has occurred, but I have none to give.  I have cried, held my little guy close and even curled up next to him while he slept just for a few more moments next to him.

I contemplated calling an early end to our link-up.  Celebration in the face of such horror never feels quite right, but instead of going quiet and dark we continue on and I hope you will join us for the rest of the week.

We – Haley, Tammy, Hannah and I did not start the Little Holydays idea as a way to brag about our crafts or fancy traditions.  We did not start LH to show off piles of presents or beautiful Advent Calendars.  We started Little HolyDays with the hope that we could inspire more parents and families to take a step back and savor the little moments that special times can bring.

Those of us who are mothers, in any sense of the word, know all to well the reality of being a parent – the worry and fear that so easily accompanies joy.  We know how precious and fragile life is.  There are no certainties in this life.

We must make joy when we can and so we continue on for the families of 27 precious souls.  We will find ways to make more of our days special and sacred while we can. 


On Saturday night Ben and I went on a date rare date and saw “The Hobbit” and it couldn’t have been a better movie to see at such as time.  It was an escape yes, but not without a little bit of meaning to me.  Ben reached out a gave my arm a little squeeze as Ian McKellan spoke these words and tears ran down my cheeks knowing that it was all too timely an assessment.

“Saruman thinks that it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found.  I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love.”
And that is why we’ll continue on with our Little HolyDay celebration because it’s the little, everyday things done by ordinary people that have the power to overcome our darkest times. 
I hope you will continue to share with us your little celebrations from last week and any of them in the days to come.  I hope that you will continue to take little moments from your days and weeks to make the memories that support us during our darker days and I know you will continue to hold your dear ones close during this holiday season for yourself and for those who now can’t.
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