The Stockpile

My first year living in Oregon, in 2009 I was doing my weekly visit to the laundromat when I happened to start overhearing the conversation of two older ladies next to me.  It was a normal conversation for the most part – they were catching up and and in true Ashland-Hippie Style talking about all their latest forays into selfsufficiency and various Hippie type things.

I drifted in and out of hearing the conversation, but nearly dropped my book when on hippie lady said to the other this gem I’ll never forget.

Well I think we’re pretty well prepared for 2012 – we got the garden by the house (up the mountain), some gas stored for the jeep and a satellite so we don’t loose our internet connection… and of course we’ve still got a lot of that food leftover from Y2K….”
Folks I’m as glad as the next person that the world didn’t end today.
But please, for all thing good and holy…

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