Planning the Year

Okay, I’m a little in love with the idea of the Liturgical Year if you haven’t noticed already.  I love having special days to make our own that haven’t been owned by a major label.  I love that it gives us a chance to get to know our own histories and other cultures. I love that it’s lead to connections with family and friends who desire the same in their year.

So with all that love for a year of celebrations in mind I do what I do best – I made a Word Calendar.  Seriously, I love Word Calendars.

Here are a few of the things that our making up our Year (liturgical and otherwise) –

  • Major Holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July, etc. anything we’d normal celebrate in someway.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries – I’m a notorious for forgetting of these things and am trying to change.
  • Holy Days of Obligation – the days we’re supposed to be at church (this is new to me and I’m doing my best to participate accordingly)
  • Major Feast Days – the old-school feast days that are so fun because they’re not own by a department store – Michaelmas, All Saints, Martinmas, Epiphany, etc.
  • Saint of the Year Days – We used the Random Saint Generator to pick a Saint to learn from this year.  Mine is St. Anthony of Padua, Ben’s is St. Francis of Paola and Henry’s is St. Charles Borromeo.  I really have no idea what we’ll be doing on these days, but they’re in the calendar anyways.
  • Favorite Saint Days – St. Francis and St. Thomas More are some personal favorites for our family so far.
  • Silly Days – We are quite fond of days like Velociraptor Awareness Day and International Speak Like A Pirate Day in our family.
  • Seasonal Days – I want to start making family traditions to celebrate seasonal changes like the Solstice. 
  • Local Fun Days – Yearly traditions like the local JazzFest and ArtsFest are already on the calendar!

Overall, other than months that have many birthdays or celebrations in them naturally, we got a nice little calendar filled with about two or three extra things to look forward to.  I think the key here is not to over plan – the more jam-packed the calendar the more likely things will come up.  And while we have lots of “feast days” and the like we want to key our celebrations rather simple – a special dinner or maybe just a special treat.  Some days call for a special activity together and some days call for just a simple act of charity.  I still want to keep our lives simple while striving to make things a little more special.

In the paraphrased words of my wiser-than-I husband:

“If we don’t mark the passing of the days then all the days will do is pass us by.”
Is there anything special you’re trying to incorporate into your year?

    3 thoughts on “Planning the Year

    1. We'll be doing mostly the same as you though we are planning to also add in our family's name saings (mostly our sons) since I don't have one. Hoorah for new years full of celebration!


    2. None of us really have name saints (my husband confirmation class even skipped choosing a patron), but we both really feel called to St. Francis (I did even before marrying a Catholic) so I kind of consider him our Family Patron to cover all of those!


    3. I think you'll find that many major feasts line up with the changing of the seasons; Nativity of St. John the Baptist in June, Michaelmas in September, Christmas in December and Easter in the Spring. We typically light a bonfire for any feast we can get outside to celebrate. Plus the stories in the Golden Legend are great to read aloud by firelight.
      Now that the kids are older I'd like to find ways to mark feast days beyond simple crafts (a toilet roll and a printable just don't go as far anymore.) For my oldest daughter its through new recipes and baking. My oldest son enjoys music so trying to find pieces composed for specific feasts and Masses is on the list too.


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