Dear Diary

Dear Diary,I've been sick... like all month and whenever that happens it takes me awhile to get back into the swing of things. I'm ready for winter to be over, but apparently we're getting more snow tomorrow.  Dislike.I'm ready for winter to be over in so many ways that aren't related to weather - I'm ready... Continue Reading →

Things I’ve Accomplished

A short list of things I accomplished this weekendCoughingDr. Appt.CoughingPicked Up PrescriptionCoughingSleepSleepCoughingSleepWoke up and ate a bowl of noodles while sitting in my bathroom with a hot shower runningCoughingSleepCoughingAwake for a few hoursSleepCoughingAbout 30 minutes of ChurchCoughingDownton Abbey Catch UpThe Last 45 Minutes of the RiteCoughingCoughingRewatching Downton to make sure I didn't miss anything good... Continue Reading →

The Sacrifice Myth

Every culture has their myths.  These myths could be an inherent part of their religion or an ethereal part of their superstitions, but no matter what they are important.  Myths are created out of a desire to better understand and explain the world around us.  They are created to give us a common understanding of... Continue Reading →

Beauty in Sadness

There is something special about taking a toddler to sad event.  Even when you are so concerned about the ruckus they are making they give you beautiful moments.  They can look at the person you've come to honor, throw their arms around you and tell you "Night, Night.  Night, Night." as if to explain it all in the most... Continue Reading →

Life as it is.

Floors that need sweeping, dishes need washing, laundry needs to doing, home needs cleaning.  All in preparation for loved ones that need loving.  I'll be away from this space for a few days as we travel to celebrate the life of a dear Uncle, who bravely fought brain cancer for four years and went to... Continue Reading →

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