Little Holydays: Feast of St. Brigid and Candlemas

January was a pretty holiday free time for us even though we tried to celebrate more of the Christmastide Season and Epiphany.  We’re now quickly approaching one of the other major “holidays” of the Christian year – the Lenten Season leading up to Easter.  Well it’s a little early to get into all of that and in the mean time there are still some great holy-days coming up.

Friday and Saturday will see the Feast of St.Brigid and Candlemas (respectively), both of which are very new to me so I’m not quite sure what to do for either of them.  However, both myself and my husband (for being the American mishmash of cultures we are) are both about 50% Irish when all is said and done, so connection with Saints from that area is always appealing and to find one who’s day isn’t claimed by binge drinkers is always a relief.

For tomorrow I’m think a nice dish of Colcannon might hit the spot – Here are a few versions from FishEaters and Allrecipes.  It will be very tempting not to add bacon or cook up some sausages to go along with it (technically the Feast Day falls on a Friday, so the whole “no meat” rule is supposed to be in effect – I’m still new to this and not very good at honoring it yet.  Not trying to be radical, just honest).  If I feel I just can’t have Colcannon without meat (which is like manna from heaven in my book) we might just wait and have it on Saturday instead. 

Oatbreads of various kinds are also traditional, so I might dig out the bread machine for a quick loaf.  It’s apparently traditional to leave a little of the loaf outside for St. Brigid as she visits the house at night.

While our little guy is a bit too little to make a St. Brigid’s Cross with I really like the simple blessing that goes along with it.

May the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost be on this Cross 
and on the place where it hangs 
and on everyone who looks on it.

Candlemas will be the next day and Henry and I will probably go to Mass that evening (we’ll go the next morning anyways for RCIA class, etc.) because I’m interested to see if our church does anything special.  Other than that I really have nothing planned – it’s so new to me I really just want to sit back and observe this year.

Overall I’m thinking this weekend we’ll indulge in a little Irish Food and a nice warm fire – St. Brigid is Patron of many farm and food related things it only seems right and Candlemas is about Light.  What better way to spend the deep winter days?

Haley and Sarah have been busy with posts for St. Brigid’s Day and Candlemas –

P.S. A Little HolyDays Link Up is in the works for Mid-February, just before Lent begins.  We can’t wait to see your posts on St. Brigid’s Day, Candlemas, St. Valentines Day, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and so much  more!

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  1. Your mention of Candlemas reminds me of one of my favourite songs on a Christmas album by the Toronto Consort (conducted by my father-in-law, so it happens). Now Candlemas is Come at Last, which is from a 19th century song collection, I believe. You can listen to it here: The whole album is really fabulous (in my entirely unbiased opinion:-B) but that song always makes me feel a little melancholy and wintry.


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