Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I’ve been sick… like all month and whenever that happens it takes me awhile to get back into the swing of things. 

I’m ready for winter to be over, but apparently we’re getting more snow tomorrow.  Dislike.

I’m ready for winter to be over in so many ways that aren’t related to weather – I’m ready for it to be spring in my life as a whole and have been having one too many pity-parties this week lamenting over lots of family stuff because I can’t seem to stop comparing my life to the Joneses – particularly all the internet versions that are out there.  I’m ready for us to be earning what we deserve and  I’m ready for those earnings to not have such a big impact on our plans for our families future. 

My husband asked me last night what he could do for me when I admitted I just needed a hug and I said “Win the lottery so I can quit my job and have more kids.” 

I don’t ask for much do I?

We’re close – we’re closer to our goals than we were last year – so I know we’re not moving backwards.  We just seem to be crawling forwards very, very slowly.

I guess you have to crawl before you can run.

In a month or so we’ll, hopefully all be well again, and the sun will be out again and there may even be little bits of green around the neighborhood.  We’ll make it.

Thanks for listening Diary… now I’m off to do things that might actually be interesting to the rest of the world.

5 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. Awww. I'm sorry you have been sick and I, too, am sick of winter. I think that's part of my doldrums and I wish like you know what that we didn't have 20 more inches of snow on the way. 😦

    And the money issues…I hear you. I remember when I finally accepted that no matter what, I'm gonna always work (not saying this is your future…just sharing something of my experience). I cried and cried for awhile. And I feel better about everything in the spring, summer and fall. The winter makes everything bleak for me. Looking forward to blue skies and warm temps.


  2. I'm SOOOOOOOO ready for winter to be over, and for spring to be here. I'm SICK of watching TV in the evenings because we can't leave the house. I want to be OUTSIDE. I want to be able to walk out the front door without having to put on eight items of clothing.

    It's coming, though.

    I'm so bad with comparing my life to people online, too. I'm so envious of people who can make money at home. I'm so jealous of women with book deals and speaking tours, and who somehow manage to raise their kids and write three amazing blog posts a week.

    I'm with Endless Strength, above: the winter makes everything bleak, whereas everything feels better in the spring, summer and fall. I'm anxious to feel better again, too. Hugs!


  3. I feel your pain my friend. Not about the long winter, of course, but that is just more proof that you should move to Phoenix. When we had a snow out of nowhere last week it was exciting. And then in the summer when it is super hot you just go swimming and never get depressed….plus, I live here so that is cool. But I do relate to the always seeing how the grass is always greener (especially on perfect blogs). I think I need to do a another post about all the sucky stuff in my life. I am just thankful we aren't having a huge plumbing problem and rats in our attic in the same month again like this time last year. I just keep waiting for something terrible too happen because it has been too long and our savings are still trying to recover. In case you didn't know, I am pregnant with number three and that means we need a bigger car that can hold all our kids. Zach's parent's have offered to help a bit (which is such a blessing) but it still might not be enough, especially after we were sad to discover we are getting a lot less back at tax time this year. Money is such a stress for us, too, and I feel like we never seem to be moving forward. We for sure need to be better at budgeting, but crazy things always come up and it is hard to say “We can't” to family reunions since they only come along every so often. Just know that you are not alone. In fact you are almost certainly in the majority…. even though I never feel like I am either. At least know you have friends who can commiserate.


  4. Ditto, we've been in the “doing well with our budget” stage for a while and then we have crazy out of nowhere things like travel for funerals and multiple car repairs (and we still owe one car a set of tires). If it makes you feel better there was a glitch on most of my earnings this year so we're going to owe the gov. a bit of money this year – totally not in the plan.

    BTW totally did not know about #3! So excited and I think you're getting a girl this time!

    We need to find a way to Phoenix sometime before you boys are too big for me to spoil! I think Henry and Gus would be best friends.


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