A Work of Art, A Rite of Passage

Strangely I'm not angry - well maybe a little exasperated (it was done while I was at work) - this is something I've actually been looking forward to.  Having someone in the house to color on walls has been one of those things that just happens to Moms - like getting peed on on or... Continue Reading →

Little HolyDays: Celebrating Spring

Spring celebrations and Easter tend to get lumped in together now a days- we see crosses mixed in with baby chicks everywhere we go.  When trying to plan out some of our "Little HolyDays" I knew that as well as celebrating the big and little Feast Days and Holidays that I wanted to mark the... Continue Reading →


A little glimpse into our day - the mess that envitably trails in the wake of fun....and proof that we need bookshelves on available wall (that's only one of the piles of shelf-less books in our home).

Accepting 30

I had a birthday yesterday.   I was not particularly excited for this one.  Granted, thanks to a certain little boy the last birthday I really remember celebrating was three years ago I'm having a little trouble accepting what my age is.I'm 30.Anyone older than that is now rolling their eyes, but yeah 30 is kind... Continue Reading →

Beautiful, Peaceful, Real

{Grabbing the camera just in time to capture this}{This little corner of my house has a little more meaning after going thru the Rite of Convalidation on Saturday} {Keeping it real}*********P.S. a few of the wonderful women and mothers in my life are going through some incredibly trying times, please consider taking a moment to pray... Continue Reading →

It’s a Wrap: February

Totally taking a page from Sarah's book and wrapping up the month of February with a post.  I spent most of this month sick or recovering so it's a light month in general, but I thought I'd share a few favorites.Reading:The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M.... Continue Reading →

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