5 Awesome Things About Parenting No One Ever Tells You About

In general, I feel like parenthood gets a pretty depressing rap these days.  Kids are noisy!  Kids are messy!  Kids eat money!  Kids will destroy your life!

Run Away!  Run Away!

Okay, so I don’t want to totally give parenthood a glossy rose-tinted image.  Kids are work.  Kids require money, time and so many other things and no, it’s true, not everyone gets a well behaved, healthy and all around perfect child.  I wasn’t one, and I know my kids will never be as such.

But in between the tantrums, the poop and the vegetable wars… parenting can be a lot of fun.

So I share my

1.  Kid’s Books, Movies and Music – 
You get to read, share, discover and re-discover a wealth of books and no one can look at you side ways for perusing the children’s sections of the bookstore or library if you have kids.  Same goes for movies.  Whether you love classic cartoons or new Disney movies – when you have kids you’ve got a Free Ticket to sit back and enjoy them without an eyebrow being raised.  And if you want to rock out to The Muppet’s Green Album in your car… it’s okay!  You have kids!
2.  Coloring Books – 
I never grew out of my love a new packet of Crayola’s and a brand new coloring book.  Now I don’t have put on my hipster glass to justify a little coloring de-stress because I liked it before it was cool.  It doesn’t matter if, at the restaurant your kids are playing with something completely different and you’re making a miniature Mona Lisa out of that picture of Chuck the Truck… you have kids, no excuse is necessary.
3.  Getting Messy – 
Still love to jump in puddles, craft projects that require a metric ton of glitter or the world’s sloppiest brownie recipe?  Great!  Having kids means you can be as messy as you want to be and it’s okay, because you have kids.
4.  Imagination – 
It’s not just for little kids.  Having kids gives you every reason to let your imagination take flight again.  In fact, numerous best selling kid and young adult books started as a simple bed time story told by a parent.  Stop around your house like a T-Rex, talk in silly voices or just make your entrance to any room in the world by saying “I’m Batman” and it’s okay, because you have kids!
5.  Wonder – 
You get another chance to experience wonder with kids.  Not in some creepy “Living vicariously through my kids by making them do everything I failed at” kind of way.  Rather in a “Wow, this world is pretty darn amazing” kind of way.  You get to go along for the ride as your kids discover everything from science and nature to literature and music.  Done right sharing those amazing discoveries can carry you through some pretty rough times.

Seriously folks, kids are a lot of work.  They’ll tax and test you to your limits.  You open yourself up to a whole different world of worry and potential heartbreak when they enter your world.  But, as much as we should warn future parents about the work that’s involved and all the other costs and risks that come hand-in-hand with children we shouldn’t be afraid to tell them of some of the great things that make all the ups and downs of parenthood that much better.

Even though parenthood means growing up it also gives us the chance to be a kid again and by doing so we shape the childhood of our future adults.

What’s your favorite thing about having kids that no one ever talks about?


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11 thoughts on “5 Awesome Things About Parenting No One Ever Tells You About

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  1. What a fan-freaking-tastic list. YES TO ALL THOSE THINGS!!! My husband tends toward the silly no matter what, but I love having the kids to encourage me & make the psychic space for silly in our day.


  2. Absolutely! I almost made “being silly” another entry in the list – there is so little room in the adult world for real, innocent silliness! It's a gift of childhood and another amazing thing about having kids in your life!


  3. I guess it's a testament to my complete uncoolness that I didn't know coloring books were cool again 🙂

    I think you've inspired me to get a new coloring book just for me! I'll have to color on the sly though–my oldest won't color if he sees me coloring with my amazing grown up coloring skills–he just says he can't do it and asks me to color his pictures for him. So alas I have to pretend that I too can't color in the lines and must scribble all over so that he'll try to color himself. Maybe it's time to reveal my true skills to him and work on the concept of practice makes perfect!


  4. Coloring books are totally cool. I have a friend who used to bring in crayons and coloring books to our stressful tech rehearsals and at the end of the show we'd make a gallery of color book art – it was great!


  5. One of my favorite things about having children is getting to relive all those first experiences. The day Sasha came home so excited because it was parachute day in gym class (seriously the best day in elementary school) I got unbelievably giddy hearing her talk about how they lifted it up and everyone got to go under the parachute and how it was almost like an igloo. As an adult the parachute in gym class memory had been long filed away, but her experience and excitement had that memory flood back and I got to share that memory with her.


  6. LOVE THIS LIST!!! YES YES YES!!! I've always adored kids' and young adults' books, and it's so fun to be allowed to be genuinely excited about them again. Having the chance to build my daughter's library is one of the most fun things I've been able to do in a long time. And what you said about silliness in the above comment — YES to that, too. It feels good to be silly again. And to dance and sing at home, just for fun. And if we home school, I look forward to learning all kinds of interesting and fun things along with my daughter. Parenting is a blast!! (But also dreadfully, dreadfully exhausting . . .)


  7. Yes to the library building! It feels like I can't leave the consignment store without about 5 book and the library books we checked out today are half as tall as my toddler!

    I have always been a fan of the “dance party” but being able to do it with a real kid in the house just adds a whole other level of awesome!


  8. Fantastic list! I have always loved singing (you know, goofy, silly singing) and now I have an excuse to act like a goof all the time, my son loves it! 😉

    Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby Link-Up, I'm featuring YOU this week! 🙂


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