Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Work: A Guest Post

Today I’m thrilled to direct you over to my guest post @Fumbling Towards Grace as part of Sarah’s series “No More Mommy Wars”.  There I share my reflections on what working motherhood feels like to me and some of the personal experiences I have had with our current life choice.  Our aim for this series is to share experiences on both sides of many hostile Mommy Battles – Working Mothers vs. SAHM’s, Bottlefeeding vs. Breastfeeding and many other parenting choices and to encourage mothers and onlookers a like to stop instigating the Mommy Wars and encourage other mothers to stand strong in their parenting choices, knowing that they have support and solidarity in the mothering community.


We’re all back in school, sitting in adjacent desks with spindly metal legs and pressed wood tops.  We’re each being given a test – it’s long and complicated and at some point we will probably be asked to answer the multiple choice questions with an essay and vice-versa.  Somewhere during our cram sessions and study prep we got it into our minds that it’s not just our work that determines our grades, but how our answers and results compare to those sitting around us.

That test we’re taking is motherhood and we’re all trying to cheat off our neighbors.

In a perfect world that would be the perfect way to ace the test, just look over at Ms. Across-The-Aisle who started her test a few years before you did and you’ll have all the answers and ace the test.  Except that we don’t have the same answers; in fact we don’t even have the same questions and in most cases we’re be given a completely different test.

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