A Bookish Home.

Monkey see, monkey do is the old adage and one I believe applies nicely when it comes to encouraging reading and love of literacy at home.  Showing children that you love reading can only help inspire them to discover what's so great about it all.  As I mentioned in my series about Education, we put... Continue Reading →

Spring Has Sprung

A few days of warm temperatures and a nice rain and things are looking green... and muddy.A small hope that my raspberry bushes might have survived the draught.Mud, Glorious Mud.P.S. Have you shared your educational horror story over on the first part of "We're Not Homeschooling... And It's Not The End Of The World."?   I'll... Continue Reading →

Children’s Book Day

Today is International Children's Book Day and I thought I'd share some of my favorite Children's Lit related posts from Molly Makes Do.  I grew up the granddaughter of a Children's Librarian and hope to continue the tradition in the future so good children's lit. is in my blood.Visit my first "Inspired" post - an ongoing... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home

Thank you to everyone on this amazing journey.Now, tell me is there an old wives tale about receiving three green rosaries in less than 24 hours?

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