A Bookish Home.

Monkey see, monkey do is the old adage and one I believe applies nicely when it comes to encouraging reading and love of literacy at home.  Showing children that you love reading can only help inspire them to discover what’s so great about it all.  As I mentioned in my series about Education, we put a lot of emphasis in creating a home that models and encourages literacy and learning; the following is a glimpse at how we encourage this in our home.

This first thing you might notice in our house is that books are everywhere, in every room.  Even the laundry room, as it is the entrance to the garage, often has a straggling book that coming from or going to the car and yes, there are even books in our car.

Books are accessible to everyone in the family.  Books for little ones are on the low shelves in on the bookshelves, in baskets and on counter-tops.  Save a few delicate or sentimental tomes, that are high up out of reach, we make every book in the house accessible.  I like knowing that our kids are learning from a young age not to be shy about books.

Beside every bedside books are stacked.  On every shelf and in every basket books are varied; we do our best to keep books that we know are interesting to our son mixed in with books we hope he’ll like.

Within the house books are read in many different places – beds, couches, adult sized chairs and kid sized nooks.  Reading can happen on the kitchen floor, outside or in the car.  In our house books are read out-loud and a lot; often by us, but occasionally by “friends” as we choose audiobooks over T.V. time.

In our house books are used – sometimes a little abused as little fingers learn how to properly care for their new friends.

What does this have to do with National Library Week?  I’m glad you asked.  As wonderful as our libraries are or can be, nothing beats a literacy encouraging home to help them with their work.  Libraries provide the tools, but we have to provide the foundation.

Do you have a bookish home?

Some Great Links About Literacy Encouragement In the Home


7 thoughts on “A Bookish Home.

  1. I'm so glad to see books piled up everywhere in your home! Sometimes I look around at our book avalanches–especially the ones made of children's books–and wonder if I've overdone it 🙂 I just can't seem to say no to a good children's book–or a book of any kind really!


  2. I really really love this. I have been guilty, since early childhood, of keeping piles and piles of books every.where. It used to drive my parents crazy, since they themselves weren't (and aren't) big readers but now I see it as a benefit. Books are a big part of who I am and how I see the world, and I want to share that with my family! I married a similarly nerdy husband and due to our massive book collection, our child(ren) will have no choice but to deal with being surrounded by the magic of literature. Hopefully they'll add their own “mess”, too 🙂


  3. I'm glad my house isn't the only one overflowing with piles of books. 🙂 Another place we read? The bathroom. My daughter can't go potty without a book. Sometimes, I'm pretty sure she asks to go to the potty just so she can read another book.

    Thanks for those articles! Interesting stuff!


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