Where I’ve Really Been

I was hoping to write this most in about four more weeks with a much happier tone, but life is what it is.April 19th we were surprised, but excited to find out that we had a baby on the way.May 2nd I went in for an inconclusive ultrasound after some light spotting and cramping.I spent... Continue Reading →

Swinging Into Summer

Having kids has definitely reintroduced me to the joys of summer.  At heart I'm a cold weather kind of gal, but now summer definitely has some appeal in the way of "mostly free, out of the house activities". We're trying to keep our summer plans in a manageable list this year, but there's a lot to... Continue Reading →

Where I’ve Been

Where have I been recently?  Everywhere, just not in front of Blogger.  There has been yard work to do, people to visit, parks to play in - everything - and it doesn't look like it's calming down anytime soon.  Next weekend is a wedding, a visit to some great-grandparents, hopefully a solid go at potty... Continue Reading →

Keeping Kate

When I wrote "Great Girls Your Daughter Should Know... Before Reading Twilight" I expected a little controversy.  I expected a lot of "Don't hate on Twilight" and debate about the books I'd picked - mainly because many of the books  I chose contain multiple adult situations.  I did not expect the Kate Hate.I'm not a... Continue Reading →

A Good Mother

 Sharing a little something from the past for Mother's Day Weekend.  Have a fabulous celebration of whatever kind of Mother you are!Please make a check next to every item one this list that pertains to you.  At the end of the test we'll tally the results and give you a definitive answer of what kind... Continue Reading →

In Which We Are Making and Reading

There are a lot of projects in the que right now.  I'm telling you there's something in the water because the number of babies coming into this world (or who recently have) is borderline crazy, but a good kind of crazy.I wish I had time to make everyone something!The homestead is keeping me busy these... Continue Reading →

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