A Good Mother

 Sharing a little something from the past for Mother’s Day Weekend.  Have a fabulous celebration of whatever kind of Mother you are!

Please make a check next to every item one this list that pertains to you.  At the end of the test we’ll tally the results and give you a definitive answer of what kind of mother you are.

  • I am pregnant.
  • I’ve miscarried.
  • My children are fostered.
  • My children are adopted.
  • I want to be a mother.
  • I help with another persons child.
  • I’m the mother of one.
  • I’m the mother of many.
  • I’m the mother of multiples.
  • My children are one after the other.
  • My children are spaced out.
  • My children are young.
  • My children are older.
  • My children are breastfed.
  • My children are bottle-fed.
  • My children were delivered naturally.
  • I had a c-section.
  • I had no pain meds.
  • I did.
  • I birthed in a hospital.
  • I birthed at home.
  • I baby-carried.
  • I preferred a stroller.
  • I stay at home.
  • I work at home.
  • I work away from home.
  • My children are healthy.
  • My children are not.
  • My children wore cloth.
  • My children wore disposables.
  • I did EC.
  • I only cook from scratch.
  • My children have eaten a Kid’s Meal.
  • My children excel at something.
  • My children are still figuring it out.
  • My children struggle.
  • My children have special needs.
  • My children walked early.
  • My children walked later.
  • My children talked early.
  • My children talked later.
  • My children go to public school.
  • My children go to private school.
  • I can afford to give my children everything.
  • I can’t.
  • My children are always perfect.
  • My children try my patience.
  • Sometimes I need time by myself.
  • I never want to be away from my children.
  • My children watch TV.
  • My children don’t.
  • My children love being outside.
  • My children don’t.
  • My children were planned.
  • My children weren’t.
  • My children have a traditional life.
  • My children don’t.
  • I love my children.

Okay now it’s time to tally up the results:

If you checked off even one item on this list you are a Good Mother.

You are a Good Mother because there is no such thing as a Perfect Mother.  Every Good Mother has their strengths and weakness; their good days and bad days.  It doesn’t matter if you do things the same as your mother or differently than the next door neighbor because I believe that you’re doing what you believe is best for your children and your family and that is what is important.

So this Mother’s Day celebrate, the way you want to, that you’re a Good Mother and take a moment to give your fellow Good Mother’s a pat on the back, a little encouragement and a lot of support.  We’re all in this messy, exciting and terrifying moment in our lives together and we all deserve to be told that we’re Good Mothers.

And to you, my friend, who is a Good Mother and this is for you.  Please feel free to use it yourself and share it with someone who deserves to be told that they are a Good Mother.

molly makes do
molly makes do

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