Swinging Into Summer

Having kids has definitely reintroduced me to the joys of summer.  At heart I’m a cold weather kind of gal, but now summer definitely has some appeal in the way of “mostly free, out of the house activities”. 

We’re trying to keep our summer plans in a manageable list this year, but there’s a lot to pack into those sunny days.

The Essentials:
  1. Swimming Lessons
  2. Days at the Pool and Splash Pads
  3. Summer Reading Program at the Library
  4. Build Forts
  5. Eat Ice Cream
Around Town:
  1. Arts Fest
  2. Jazz Fest
  3. Friday/Saturday Night Music Series Downtown
  4. Johnson County Fair
  5. Hiking at the Reservoir and the Devonian Fossil Gorge!
  6. Farmer’s Market
  7. Fourth of July Parade and Fireworks
  8. Raptor Center
Get Out of Town:
  1. Visit the Zoo
  2. Irish Music Festival
  3. Ride the Scenic Valley Railroad
  4. End of Summer Trip to Chicago
  5. Hike at Kent Park or the Palisades
 Stay Home: 
  1. Run Thru the Sprinklers
  2. Popsicles
  3. Install the Outside Chalkboard
  4. Bubbles
  5. Dinosaur Bones Sensory Bin
  6. Try a New Craft
  7. Make and Can Jam

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