Getting back into some old rhythm's including my desire to feed an army of people every time I start cooking.  This turned out to be a great, simple recipe (though I prefer my whipped cream with just a little sugar); in fact the biscuits have been requested as a staple in our house with our... Continue Reading →

For Now

I'm not announcing a blogging break, but rather just a heads up that I will scale back until I feel like my life is in sync with what I share on this blog again.  I show pretty, happy pictures and things when they reflect my real life in some way and it seems discourteous right... Continue Reading →


I think I'm in the homestretch with all of this.  After a long and hard weekend I am ready to put this behind me.  It's not over, but after three days of contraction level "cramps" I think the worst is over.  It might be strange, but I'm proud that I was able to give this... Continue Reading →

We’ll Be Okay

Thank you everyone for all of the love and support.  In many ways we're still wrapping our heads around everything and in many ways we're moving ahead.I was preparing myself for the news for almost a month, I think it helped shorten the grieving process in all, but now I find my confidence shaken deeply... Continue Reading →

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