Simple Living Books for Kids: The Current Collection

I haven't done a post on Simple Living Books for Kids recently, but have been adding new favorites to the Pinboard so I felt it was a good time to share some of our new favorites here. WidgetsBlue Bowl Down,Applesauce Season,Maple Syrup Season, andPie's in the Oven are great books about children getting involved... Continue Reading →

Quick Updates

It's almost midnight, so I'm not going to call these "Quick Takes", but since we seem to be filling up the daylight hours away from the computer I wanted to pop in and say hi!1)  I had a follow up appointment on Wednesday and everything looks as good as can be expected.  My doctor has... Continue Reading →

The Best I Could Wish For

It is over, officially.  The miscarriage process has officially been declared finished and my body is working on get itself back to normal.  Over the last month I have used my space here to share bits and pieces of my experiences and it's accompanying emotions and now it seems right to reflect on the most... Continue Reading →

Let’s End on a High Note

Thank you friends for letting do the occasional word gush like the last post.  It is helpful to get it out in one go when the mood strikes - which is often when everyone is asleep - and I feel so much better for having it all out there.  =)We've been enjoying a lot of... Continue Reading →

In Which I Learn a Lesson in Humility

I've made things sound a lot better than they are here.  Everyone has seemed to praise my ability to think of things rationally and stoically where in reality that's what keeps me from tears, grief and anger.The truth is I'm been going through a lot of that recently, particularly anger.  I've been pretty bitter and... Continue Reading →

Marvelous Magazines for Kids

My 2.5 year old loves getting a magazine to flip through at the grocery store.  It doesn't even have to come home with us, he just enjoys going down that aisle and having something to look at.  The other week I picked up a copy of "High Five" - which is "Highlights" for pre-school aged... Continue Reading →

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