Marvelous Magazines for Kids

My 2.5 year old loves getting a magazine to flip through at the grocery store.  It doesn’t even have to come home with us, he just enjoys going down that aisle and having something to look at.  The other week I picked up a copy of “High Five” – which is “Highlights” for pre-school aged kids and we’ve been reading it ever since.

I remember how much I loved getting magazines in the mail as a kid – it was like getting a new book – and I horded my collections for years.  Even as I got older I remember my cousin and I trading copies of teen magazines with ridiculous advice and fashions back and forth between our summer bedrooms at my grandmothers house.

Now that I have a little helper who enjoys carrying things from the mailbox it would be fun to have a few surprises for him every now and then.  So off to the library and the bookstore I went to do a little research.

Here are my favorites for the Little Kids among us.

For the Little Kids:
Perfect for the 2-6 year old.
Short and sweet; perfect for the first 2 years.
(What a great baby shower gift!)
Or you could just jump in a start collecting
Great introduction to a literary magazines; perfect for ages 3+.

Highlights High Five 
Stories, games, puzzles and even simple craft projects
perfect for the Pr-Kindergartner

Ranger Rick Jr 
My favorite nature themed children’s magazine.
Good for a range of the early ages.

But, also good to start with, for the younger ones are

National Geographic Little Kids



Perfect for the curious child to learn about the world around them!

For the Bigger Kids:
Luckily, most of my favorites magazines for Little Kids have titles perfect for their school-aged years.
Magazines perfect for the 6-10 year old. 

From the publisher of Babybug and Ladybug;
don’t forget about Cricket for you pre-teens.

Highlights For Children

Ranger Rick

National Geographic Kids 



Have fun reading!
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4 thoughts on “Marvelous Magazines for Kids

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  1. Awesome idea! I would never have thought to look into magazines for kids (I was never exposed to them as a kid), but these look really cool! I think I'll check to see if any are available at my library, to see if there's one I'd like to invest in. Thanks for the cool suggestion!


  2. Yes! Magazines are great resources for informational and functional text. There's some great historical magazines for older kids– Cobblestone and Cricket are my favorites!


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