Being Affiliated

A keen eyed reader might notice a few changes that have been going on around here.  Yes, I'm monetizing this blog.  I never intended to try and make anything from this blog, but with a couple posts that I've written going viral or semi-viral it seemed a good time to switch tactics.I've decided to add... Continue Reading →

Simple Tasks

When I was a child I thought there was nothing more important than being remembered in a text book.  I wanted to be that important.  I wanted to be remembered and revered for doing something vastly important to society like curing cancers or inventing cold fusion.  It was all go big or go home.I'm now... Continue Reading →


I had some time with a sewing machine yesterday.  It was mainly to work on a big project - making an outfit for Henry for his Uncle's wedding in October.  It felt good to make a paper patterns, cut fabric and have a stack of "will be clothes" fabric sitting next to me.  I'll share... Continue Reading →

Max and Martha

Today is the Feast of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, the Catholic priest who gave his life to save another prison in his concentration camp from death.  The story goes that after a prisoner had escaped ten men were selected at random to die of starvation in reprisal for the escape.  He suffered for two weeks of... Continue Reading →

In Solidarity

This is a post in Solidarity with some of my lovely blogging friends.  We were inspired by Mandi's "What Real Motherhood Looks Like" and we've all been hit with something in the last week - illness and life changes. This is the first week of my husbands new schedule.  He's work 4 days in row, not... Continue Reading →

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