In Solidarity

This is a post in Solidarity with some of my lovely blogging friends.  We were inspired by Mandi’s “What Real Motherhood Looks Like” and we’ve all been hit with something in the last week – illness and life changes. 

This is the first week of my husbands new schedule.  He’s work 4 days in row, not getting home until after 8 p.m. at night after working 10 hour days.  It’s taking some getting used to – trying to figure out how to do everything when I can be up at 5 a.m. and without a reprieve for about 15 hours and keeping the house on point is not high on the list right now.

So I give you my non-instagram, non-pinterest worthy life right now. 

And for the sake of everyone’s delicate senses let’s just forget that I have a bathroom while my toddler is potty training.

Let’s just be honest, there’s a stack of clothes as tall as that toddler on our bed right now that needs to be put away, my carpet is beginning to believe that the vacuum cleaner is just for decoration and I’m about to start my 8 out of 9 stint at work tomorrow.  We’ve got a a weekend trip to Minnesota coming up in a few weeks and I need to find time to finish baby projects, make wedding clothes and so much more!  There have been melt downs and shouting and a quite a bit of doubting if I’m meant to be the mother of more than one child with my temper flaring up as my hormones are still balancing out after the MC.

This is what my “real motherhood” looks like right now and that’s okay.

8 thoughts on “In Solidarity

  1. You are not alone! LOL! I washed the laundry on Monday… I just folded it this afternoon… And it's still not put away. >.< And we won't talk about our "boy bathroom" either.


  2. It is totally okay!

    And I avoid our little boy bathroom as much as I possibly can. 🙂

    I'm so sorry about your MC. I think you have a free pass for the next five – fifty years, just because of that. Hang in there!


  3. Mordor…HA!! I'm going to be laughing all day at those pics*–now I finally know what to call MY living room/bathroom/bedrooms/kitchen/yougetthepicture…

    (*and just to be clear, I'm laughing because my house looks exactly the same way!)


  4. Love it! We just moved into a house that has only ONE bathroom…let me say that again ONE! I am already dreading potty training my little boy, and he is only 11 weeks old! Haha! Boy smells in our ONE bathroom…oh boy!


  5. Thanks for sharing. Our stairs suffer the same fate. I know exactly what you mean about stuff piling up from trips too. I've had to start turning down weekend trips with my family just because I can't handle back to back weekends away… getting everything unpacked, washed and repacked in a week makes for a very miserable mama and very dirty house.


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