I had some time with a sewing machine yesterday.  It was mainly to work on a big project – making an outfit for Henry for his Uncle’s wedding in October.  It felt good to make a paper patterns, cut fabric and have a stack of “will be clothes” fabric sitting next to me.  I’ll share more of this when the project is a little further along.

I used the opportunity to knock out a few more projects too.

A pillowcase out of some train flannel that I’ve been saving for awhile.  I think I need to make a couple more special pillow cases, they’re quite nice.

And what Henry calls our “wipes”.  A while ago I won some cloth wipes at a giveaway – I’m not a fan of using them for diaper wipes, but I love having a pile of soft tissues around the house for little noses.  With my husbands allergies we go through a lot of disposable tissues during allergy season. 

 We made the switch to cloth napkins, slowly, over the last year or so and the idea of going cloth for even more in our home had been on my mind for a while.

So I picked up some flannel in the scrap bin at the fabric store, sent them thru the wash dryer and cut them into squares.  I had some fun with my mothers fancy sewing machine giving them fun edgings since we don’t have a serger.


I wish I had had the camera handy when I was sewing; Henry was quite interested in what was going on and proudly reminds me that “You made these” when he sees the wipes. 

By getting the fabric from the remnant bins I think the cloth tissue project cost about the same as a box of tissues, neither remnant was more that 1/2 yd., and we got about 21 squares total.

I’ll pull out some baskets from the closet today and set up some in our living and family rooms and see where it goes from here.

It felt so good to get my hands on fabric and sewing machine – I’ve barely sewed since leaving the theatre 3 years ago and I do miss it.

Did you get crafty with anything this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Cloth

  1. Thanks! I laugh though because it's a “Project Runway Limited Edition” machine, but it does have some great stitches. When I sewed professionally I only ever used industrial or machines with only straight, zigzag and button hole options so it's a treat!


  2. Awesome! Yay for cloth!

    Have you set up lots of convenient places to dispose of used cloths until they get to the wash? For me, I find that the most challenging aspect of using cloth: finding a good way to cycle them through the wash. Specifically, arranging good (convenient) holding-places while they wait their turn. How are you dealing with this aspect?


  3. The small stash we've kept bedside in the kiddo's room have just been put into the laundry hamper, middle floor stash will probably get chucked down the stairs with the used cloth napkins (we're keeping it classy here) and basement will probably get a small basket for used ones.


  4. Yay cloth! Next thing you know you'll fall down the rabbit hole of family cloth 😉 Although it's funny, we're doing that but haven't been able to make the transition to cloth napkins yet. Mostly because I haven't gotten around to sewing any, because I want them to match out kitchen and haven't found the perfect fabric 😛

    Also? I've only recently discovered that I love old t-shirts for this stuff. We're currently using them (part-time at least) in lieu of paper towels, diaper wipes, and “disinfectant” wipes.


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