Being Affiliated

A keen eyed reader might notice a few changes that have been going on around here.  Yes, I’m monetizing this blog.  I never intended to try and make anything from this blog, but with a couple posts that I’ve written going viral or semi-viral it seemed a good time to switch tactics.

I’ve decided to add a few Amazon adds to my side bar, continue using Amazon Affiliate Links within my posts and if you look up you’ll see “The Book Store”.  By clicking on “The Book Store” you’ll be take to my Amazon store where I’m collecting all of my favorite books and things that I’ve shared about on this blog.  If you used any of these links, the store or the advertisements to get to and then made a purchase (which could be the item from the link or something completely different) I get a small percentage of the sale price.  For full disclosure I currently make between 6 and 6.5% on each item sold.

I do not want my readers to feel pressured to purchase anything I link to on this blog.  I know what it’s like to have to make careful financial decisions and purchases and I do not want anyone feeling pressured to support me through these things.  It’s just a bonus for the time I spend here and the traffic that I send to  I will always be supportive of finding books, toys and other items from your local libraries and secondhand.

But please know that if you do choose to make a purchase that I deeply appreciate it and I’m thrilled every time I see someone purchasing a book that I love.  The money that I make is currently being squirreled away to be used for holiday and birthday gifts and that allows us to free up the money we’d save towards Christmas and Birthdays and put it towards other things that help our family grow and thrive.

Last, but not least I want my readers to know that everything I link to or promote on this blog is an item that I personally use or read and recommend.  I am not being paid to sell you items that I have no attachment to, rather I’m getting a small kick back for recommending things that I can put my stamp of approval on.  If you see something turn up on my side bar or in the store that seems questionable please don’t hesitate to inform me so that I can look into and resolve the issue.

In the future I may plan on expanding thru other affiliate programs, but please know that the sole purpose of this blog is not make money but to connect with you and if I ever feel that advertising and affiliate programs get in the way of this I will sacrifice one before the other.

Thank you for your support as Molly Makes Do grows.

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  1. I believe that you make money if someone clicks over to Amazon through your blog, even if they purchase something different than what you linked to. I purchase from Amazon quite a bit and I try, when I remember, to first click through a blog or website I enjoy so I can help them out. It doesn't cost me anything extra!


  2. I'm in the process of a profesh blog redesign (yay!) and am considering amazon affiliates and advertisements to help pay for said redesign and to purchase a bag of groceries or two. I might have some questions for you in the next few months 🙂


  3. Molly, we need to talk. I have been thinking of revamping what my blog is mostly for privacy reasons. I am actually going to try to have two blogs. I have already started a private one where I am slowly moving all my blog posts from the current blog. Then I am going to go through my current blog and edit out any info that is too personal including kiddos names. I want to keep somethings easily available for all my readers, but have a seperate place where I can feel free to chronicle our family events for posterity. I think I might monetize the current blog once I get all these things finished (which may be a long time from now at the rate I am going). When I get to that point maybe you can give me some advice. I like the way you are doing it. Not too tacky or in your face with advertisements. Anyway, I think this is actually a great thing you are doing and if it brings you any extra income then good for you! As you know I am doing a similar thing with Pinterest these days. Good luck!


  4. I hear you, I think now that I've officially monetized I will be having a little less H. on it. The Amazon stuff is pretty easy to work in, you just have to be in a state that allows it. We'll chat later!


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