Celebrating Michaelmas

This weekend we’ll be observing our second Michaelmas, or the Feast of Sts. Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel the Archangels.  Even though it is a new tradition for us I have been looking forward to this for a long time.  While I find myself wishing more people around us celebrated these Holy Days it’s nice to have a holiday just to our selves.  If you want a glimpse into what our Michaelmas looked like last year hop back here.

These are a few of the traditions we’ll be repeating this year:


  • We’ll be making a small feast of roast chicken, carrots, and other fall foods.  I have the weekend off this year so I’ll be trying to cook my first whole chicken this year.
  • We’ll be making our cinnamon cream cheese blackberry deserts that were such a hit last year.
  • I’m really tempted to make Jamie’s Apple Cake too because we’re swimming in apples!


  • Since there aren’t a lot of books about Michael the Archangel we make do with books about knights and dragons.


New Additions:

  • We have a few new friends to help us learn about Michaelmas this year – but you’ll have to come back on Monday to see what they are!

With Henry being a little older I think we’ll try our hand a few more projects:

Are you celebrating Michaelmas?  Perhaps this will be your first year?  I’ll be back on Monday to show you a few pictures from our celebration and I’d love to hear about your festivities too!

    5 thoughts on “Celebrating Michaelmas

    1. Thanks for the link love! Oh my goodness- LOVE that picture you used of St. Michael! Also, a fire sounds like a delightful way to celebrate Michaelmas (do you have a fireplace or are you going more bonfire style?)
      Good luck on the chicken roasting! I only just learned out to successfully roast a whole chicken so it's perfectly moist. I love Julia Child's method, which is LOTS of butter, lots of basting, and a fair amount of flipping the chicken around.


    2. We have a Michael, so last year we celebrated Michaelmas with a blackberry pie. 🙂 I think we'll be doing more food-related stuff this year. Our little guy is a bit too young for crafts, and while our new house has a fireplace we haven't had a chance to get it cleaned yet–but first fire of the year on Michaelmas is a tradition I would love to start!


    3. Thanks for linking up Molly! My kiddos loved the apple cake. I loved it because it wasn't over the top sweet.

      I can't wait to hear how your first roasted chicken turned out.


    4. Jimmy has been learning about all the Archangel's in school for the last few weeks and has done coloring pages this week. (Yay, Catholic School!!!) I don't think we have time this weekend to start this tradition yet, but I think we will at least try to say these prayers at night. Jimmy is all about memorizing prayers these days. Thanks for always inspiring me!


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