What Scary Means to Me on Halloween

The street this morning - setting a nice spooky tone for the day.I don't really mind things that are a little scary on Halloween.  I'm not a big fan of gory, bloody and needlessly violent, but I don't mind a little creepy, a little spooky and a little macabre as I start my Halloween festivities.I... Continue Reading →

My Teacher

Today at lunch Henry was playing with a necklace I was wearing.  He asked me "Mama, that you ce-cer?"  Normally very good at deciphering his vocabulary I had no idea what a "ce-cer" was.  I made many attempts, until finally I asked "Teacher?" to which he responded with an enthusiastic "Yeah!  That you ce-cer?""Mama, is... Continue Reading →

The Reveal

Some of you know, and most of you don't, that I've had a secret little projects in the works for the past few months.  It was an idea that has developed slowly ever since last years "Little Holy Days" Link Up.  As much fun as the link up was there was a need, in our... Continue Reading →

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