Preparing the Pantry: Essential Equipment

Thank you for coming back for the last installment of my Preparing the Pantry Series:  Essential Equipment.  You can find parts One, Two and Three here.

I find that having good equipment is just as important as having a nicely stocked pantry – it allows me to try to new recipes as well as cook and preserve a variety of things with out too much worry.

For the absolute Essentials I find these items are a must.

  1. Quality Pots and Pans (preferably without non-stick coatings)
  2. A Cast Iron Skillet and/or Dutch Oven
  3. Casserole/Baking Dishes
  4. Cutting Board
  5. The Basic Utensils -Vegetable Peeler, Can Opener, Spatulas, etc.
  6. Quality set of Metal and Wooden cooking Spoons
  7. Wet and Dry Measuring Cups and Spoons
  8. Cookie Sheets
  9. Mixing Bowls (I love my vintage pyrex)
  10. Colander
  11. Food Processor (great for chopping veggies or making baby food and everything in between)
  12. Quality set of Knives
  13. Muffin Tins
  14. Crockpot
  15. Pie Plate

 These are items that I love having around, but aren’t necessarily essentials.

  1. Air Popcorn Popper
  2. Bread Machine
  3. Dehydrator
  4. Grilling Tools
  5. Cookie Cutters
  6. Blender
  7. Canning Equipment

If you’re going to have a pantry or store food in anyway quality storage containers are going to be an investment well worth your time. We keep a variety of plastic containers around the house for short term storage, but I am of the Ball Plastic Freezer Jar and using the Mason Jars (they now sell Plastic Lids for the jars) for canning, dry storage and frozen storage (just remember to leave head room for expansion) .

If you really want to invest (or making a lucky consignment/thrift find like my mother) I do recommend a Vacuum Sealer.  My mother found a barely used vacuum sealer for about $20 and it’s quite the handy tool.  Plus if you package your fresh fruit and vegetable with extra space in the package they are resealable.

Cooking Gear is often something well worth the investment – the last thing you want is something essential giving out during the prep on the Thanksgiving Day.

What are your favorite things to cook with?

    One thought on “Preparing the Pantry: Essential Equipment

    1. I love my cast iron skillets. I use at least one of them every day usually twice a day. Quality set of knives are the best. Alex totally splurged one year for Christmas and bought me a 8-inch Wusthof gourmet Chef's knife. I use it daily. I love it and can really tell the difference using a quality knife over the cheapo knife I used to use.

      Great list Molly! If I ever get my kitchen remodel done (planning stages now) I will be referencing your fantastic lists!


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