10 Easy Ways Your Family Can Celebrate the Feast of St. Francis

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I’ve always loved St. Francis.  He’s a Saint who speaks to so many no matter their religious leanings.  I loved that he was called to rebuild the Church, was an example of simple living and care for weaker creatures.

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If you’d like to recognize this simple, loving man on October 4th here are some ideas that don’t require a lot of time or preparation.

  • Volunteer at the Local Animal Shelter – particularly a good idea for older children.  Call ahead to know their requirements and needs.
  • Give to the Local Animal Shelter – most shelters keep a running list online or in their office of goods currently needed.  Set a spending limit and let your children help pick out the items to take.
  • Set up a bird feeder or squirrel feeder in your backyard – or clean out and restock ones you already have.
  • Schedule check-ups for family pets – today’s a good day to remind yourself to make sure everyone’s shots and dental cleanings are up to date.
  • Freshen up your pets food, water and bedding – it’s a good time before it gets cold to check out any outside kennels, pens, etc. for repairs before the winter.
  • Offer to do the three above for an elderly relative or neighbor – the extra care helps the pet and the person.
  • Become a member (or renew a subscription) to a Wildlife Conservatory or donate to a local Zoo or Wildlife Preserve – let your kids pick out a project that speaks to them.
  • Make your own bird feeders – spread peanut butter on bagels, roll in birdseed and hand on a tree or large bush.  Call around to local grocery store or bakery and you might get a good deal on day old bagels!  I’ve pinned a few ideas on my Liturgical Year – Fall board
  • Read the Canticle of the Sun together!  We love this version,Brother Sun, Sister Moon
  • Volunteer some time (perhaps during the whole month) to do some acts of service at your church – many churches need help preparing the ground for winter around this time of year and St. Francis himself was told to “Rebuild the Church!”.

If you’d like more ideas check out Sarah @ Two O’s + More: Celebrating the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

    I’m off to my brother-in-laws’ wedding this weekend so I’ll see you back sometime next week!  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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    1. Aww, these ideas are so nice! I LOVE the thought of devoting some time to care for animals. I don't think Christians (at least not Protestants!) have historically taken enough interest in the well-being of our fellow creatures. What a great way to reverse this.


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