Books for Thanks-vember

Just stopping in today to share a few new favorites... and one old favorite... Even though many of these books have to do with the North American tradition of a November Thanksgiving, I would still recommend many of them to anyone before we hit the Christmas holiday season.  The reason I like taking time for "Thanks-vember",... Continue Reading →

The Unpleasant Anniversaries {+ An Update}

The reminders are everywhere - announcements, countdowns, updates.  My countdowns are meaningless to most people.1 month of since my second empty ultrasound.4 months from my first D&E.4 days until my next.Should be 33 weeks along.Should be 10.January, with it's single unfulfilled anniversary will be hard. June will be worse I have added a lot of... Continue Reading →

Our Thank You Window

It's still "Thanks-vember" in our house.  I know not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving in November, but I love having this holiday to reflect on before the craziness of Advent and Christmas starts.Back when we started teaching Henry prayers we did, and still do, our "Thank Yous" at night.  They were a formal prayer; we just asked... Continue Reading →

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