Anxious Anticipation or Slow Down Folks, It’s November

We still have pumpkins on our steps, in our windows, on the back of our doors, on our mantles and probably tucked back in places I have yet to discover.  Down the street the first of the Christmas Twinkle lights went up a few days ago (along with their friend the plastic Christmas Penguin which typically graces that yard until March).

All around the internet people are already promoting Christmas E-books, meal plans and other get in the spirit bits of advice.  Let’s not even mention how long certain stores have been sporting Christmas trees.

Now, I look forward all year to rocking the Christmas tunes and Tchaikovskies “The Nutcracker” on repeat and dusting off the boxes of decorations.  I love the Christmas season and now that it’s my job to set up the holidays for my little family I dive in with gusto.  Just, not yet.

It’s only November.  There are weeks of fall weather and a pounds of turkey that need to be given their proper due.  There are weeks of Advent waiting to be given their proper place and plenty of time to get in some good holiday cheer even when most people are kicking their Christmas trees to the curb.

We live in an age where we can have so much at the click of a button – clothes, news, pizza delivery.  There’s no waiting; anxious anticipation is almost none existent for many.  When I look back on those blissful childhood holiday memories anxious anticipation is in the forefront of those memories.

Having to wait until after Thanksgiving dinner to watch “The Nutcracker” was a like ringing in the New Years for me.

Having to wait to open those presents.

Having to wait to put up decorations or make treats.

Actually having to wait all year and catch those holiday movies on TV!

The waiting was crucial and the waiting was important.  The waiting made them special.

So I won’t be doing too much this month –  no twinkle lights, no Christmas candy, no Christmas carols or movies for another couple weeks because it’s okay to wait.  The waiting is special.

11 thoughts on “Anxious Anticipation or Slow Down Folks, It’s November

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  1. I agree that it's waiting that makes some of the “magic” of the holidays. Also, what do we teach our kids when we tell them they don't have to wait for anything anymore (not even things like holidays that only come once a year and therefore, by necessity need to be waited for).


  2. We've already watched a few non-classic kids Christmas movies just to get Lincoln familiar with the idea of Santa and Christmas, but I refuse to start the music or put up any decorations until after Thanksgiving. You're so right that we can do so much without waiting anymore. Netflix, DVD, Christmas marketing starts before Halloween is over. The best part of growing up was those special nights when we lit an advent candle, Rudolph or Christmas Story was playing on TV, or we went to cut down our own real tree which you can't leave up too long before Christmas or you'll have a dry tree by Christmas so forget leaving it up thru Epiphany. I'm so tempted to “maximize the days” before Christmas because it all goes so fast and get started now, but there are a lot of “Thankful Days” I should be focusing on first.


  3. Agreed! I still have pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns up. I figured the pumpkins can carry me through Thanksgiving. I love the glitz and beauty of Christmas but wait until after Thanksgiving to put anything up.


  4. YES. AMEN and HEAR HEAR. I agree with you completely. I was actually thinking about writing a post on the same subject! Folks say they set up their Christmas stuff early because they LOVE Christmas so much and they're SO PASSIONATE about Christmas. But for me, I feel that spreading the holidays out over two months (or more) actually cheapens the magic. The true Christmas/Advent-lover waits patiently, and then savours it. That's how I approach it, anyway. 🙂


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